Victor Oladipo Vertical Jump

If we are talking about vertical leaps, Victor Oladipo has from the highest vertical jumps for 2021

Despite being at such young age, he is american basketball player for Miami Heat of the (NBA). He used to play college basketball for Indiana Hoosiers, in 2012-2013, he was Sporting News Men’s College Basketball Player of the year.

As the Co-NABC Defensive Player and first team All american USBWA and sporitng news. The same year, he was the winner of the Adolph Rupp Trophy, which is given annually to the top player in men’s NCAA Division basketball.

There are also other players that we reviewed in terms of their jumping abilities like Michael Jordan’s Vertical Jump and of course many other younger players like Ja Morant, who is awesome for his age and has great potential .

Another one is Zach LaVine and others, but here we are gonna take a look at Oladipo’s vertical, his height, abilities and more information about him.

What Is Victor Oladipo’s Vertical Jump ?

Oladipo is shooting guard who is very good at playing point guard as the coach of Indiana, Tom Crean always appreciates the success of Oladipo and his extreme work ethic and preparation.

He is also very entertaining with his amazing dunks and he has great vertical leap of 42-inches at his height at 6 ft 4 in(1.93m )

If we are talking about offense, he is very good of aggressively and fast drive to the basket with his athletic jumping abilities, on the other side on the defense, Oladipo is a off-ball defender, who is able to defend more than one position.

He has a lot of speed ability and the strength as well as athleticism to fight and being able to be a very good player. What helps a lot is the level of athleticism he has, because he plays in NBA for a reason.

If, you want to take your basketball skills and your vertical to the next level, you can do it

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In his professional career, that played in Orlando, he has a lot of experience as a player

He picked the choice to play basketball at Indiana University and major in sports communication broadcast, as he has also denied offers from Maryland, Xavier and many others. Also in his freshman years, he has played around 32 games.

He got his first career start this year against Penn State as he made second career start against 2, The Ohio State and did with 14 points and 6 rebounds.

In 2014, October he was excluded after facial fracture, during training. No wonders, a lot of players go through injuries and it happens to most sport player and he finally come back on November 14, wearing a facial protection mask and he made his season versus Milwaukee Bucks.

You can see below some of Victor Oladipo’s dunks

I would say he is doing really well and if you want to do hops like him, there is a way to increase your vertical jump.

The program is made by a player with 50 inch vertical and has a proven results for a lot of people that, they have improved their leap with to 15 inches and even more in some cases.

The best part is, it doesn’t include weights, you can take the full 8 weeks of the program with the plyometrics, that are placed inside by just being at home or where you are comfortable at this time.

Victor Oladipo Vertical Jump Training

For his height at 6’4′, Victor has also a big wingspan 6’9″ and all his skills has helped him to achieve his achievements.

Of course, he has had less vertical, but with training, he has increase it gradually and of course his height helps for that too.

The daily routine that includes exercises, certain set of them and the whole training, how much you sleep, what you eat will have a relation to how you perform in everything, especially in sports.

He is dunking over players that are even taller than him.

Most players like him workout regularly and this is what a lot of regular people don’t realize, because in order to achieve great results, you need to put a lot of efforts in most cases.

With his 42 inches vertical, he has similar to most of the top players out there and this helps a lot for him to be on top. He also have time ahead to achieve greater one with time, because he is a young player.

The level of athleticism is amazing in most player and he is superior to a lot of others.

He was second picked in the NBA Draft 2013 and he did that, because of his one of a kind athletic skills and defensive skills and also his vertical helped him to be above the rim and throw these 360 dunks very easily.

More popular, he even became after the slam dunk contest back in 2015 and he was just behind Zach LaVine and now he is two time all star.

Despite all the injuries he has gone through, he is still performing great and his athletic skills are just getting better and better.

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As a player myself, it has helped me to gain 8 inches for my vertical and also to be more disciplined, because the program is 8 week long. If, you are consistent with it, especially as a beginner, you will receive great results.

Genetics helps a lot, but without the workout none of the great players would be at where they are today, so no matter what is your genetics, it’s crucial for you to pick the right training and to keep going and not allow injuries to stop you, because they happen to almost every player in every sport.

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