Vertical Jump Bible Review

Are you looking for a guide that aims to increase your vertical jump and skills as an athlete in general. Keep reading to find out more. It’s a popular and proven guide used by many people out there.

What Is the Vertical Jump Bible?

The Vertica Jump Bible contains 148 pages, it’s an ebook/pdf released back in 2005 by Kelly Baggett.

It has been known for many years as really effective vertical jump training packed inside.

The book goes really deep into scientific researches of the vertical leap training, as well as how strength workouts, plyometrics as well as activation of your central nervous system and how they all affect how high you are able to jump.

Many things can be learned from the ebook in order to see improvement of your skills.


there is a lot of information out there for athletes and trainers and vertical jump development bible is written by someone who is experienced and we are gonna talk about him later.

SO, if you are looking for an improvement ebook about jump training, this might be a good start to begin with.

Why Is Vertical Jump Bible Still Popular ?

When, I mentioned, it’s actually avaialble from 2005, so that’s a long time now.

In those years, there hasn’t been much information for vertical jump trainings based on science and that’s why The Vertical Jump gained a lot of popularity for athletes to take their skills and leap to better condition.

Today, there is a lot more choice to follow guides etc, but still this ebook has many information in the 148 pages in learning the best ways to jump higher in basketball.

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That was a little distraction from the topic, we are talking about, but what is better than a program, that is established, has bringed many transformations for athletes, developed by professional players, if you are interested click the link above.

If, you are not, let’s continue talk about the ebook. Actually, there is also Vertical Jump BIble 2.0 Version, which also has a lot of information for athletes, but now we are focused on the first ebook.

Baggett who is the founder of this has a lot of knowledge in this topic.

He has laid out the main principles for vertical jump inside and they are a lot, so that you can start to apply them in the gym or even at home.

It’s suggested how to train, but you will need to make your own program according to your body type and the aims you want to achieve, which can be a struggle, if you are new to vertical leap trainings and don’t know what approach to take.

Who Is The Creator Of Vertical Jump Bible ?

Kelly Baggett is the founder of Vertical Jump Bible, he is a professional athlete coach, that is well established in the vertical jump community for many years.

When, he first made Vert Jump Bible, he gradually built his reputation not only with the 2.0 version, but also with the BoingVert Program, that he made partnering with other popular trainer, Shawn Myszka.

He impressed many people, because of his methods and working approach.

He don’t say, he is an expert, but, when he has tried all the methods himself to improve his vertical jump, he managed to do it by 20 inches.

He also refuses to believe a lot of myths and trainings and also says, that basketball shoes for jumping higher

THat’s what he says, many other people would say that the shoes also can help.

As, Baggett has mentioned, according to his opinion, shoes will not affect your results, but a good training routine, but you need to be careful.

Now, Baggett is famous coach, that has trained many athletes worldwide helping them to improve their vertical jump, abilities and quickness.

WHen, someone has became so successful, there is a reason for that and the Vertical Jump Bible is his first success, so lets see some more details about it.

How Does Vertical Jump Bible Work ?

The vertical jump bible contains bible for a reason, because Kelly Baggett lays out everything he knows and goes in deep details, when he talks about some of the main principles to improve your abilities.

Still, there are many other trainings and guides to follow, it’s up to you to choose, what fits you mostly to achieve the final result, which is better performance from your side to be above the rim and dunk, the fastest way possible.

As, I mentioned earlier, there is a program, that really helped me to get to the next level and you can take a look at Vert Shock Review for more details to find out, why I think it’s a really good solution.

VJB- Vertical Jump Bible will also give you valuable information and tips, that you can apply in your routines for better results.

From so big page, you can definitely take many guides to apply for better results.

Vertical Jump Development Bible Structure

  1. The beginning step, you need to pick your athletic level. According to your body fat percentage, vertical jump height and performance of training, you would need to decide the program, your body will be most comfortable with.
  2. The second thing, you need to tink, if you will benefit more from ractive or plyometric training, strength workout or mixed one, which depends a lot on your current muscle condition and athletism.
  3. Baggett has placed a lot of programs inside, according to your current levell Also he has broken down every program to phases and the goal to receive most from the specific workout method, you do.

So, if you are a person, which is familiar with your own body, Vertical Jump Bible can be even better.

If, you apply the needed choices, no matter which program, you want to use and what sequence, you will have good success.

The tips inside the book are still appliable, although, they are written 15 years ago.

The thing is that many people take vertical jump training programs, which are not for them sometimes, even worse, they don’t apply or want to work, which contributes to no results.

So let’s recap some advantage of this pdf/ebook that’s 148 pages long.

Vertical Jump Bible Pros & Cons

Pros Of Vertical Jump Bible

  1. Really Detailed. That’s maybe the biggest advantage about Vertical Jump Bible, it’s really comperhensive. I can’t think of other book, which is so details and lays out variety of aspects in the vertical jumps, also the training methods.
  2. No Bullshit If, you have read the whole Kelly Bagget’s ebook, you will find that there is no bullshit, but only proven science facts regarding vertical leap. Furthermore for its price, it provides many useful information, that you can learn from coaches, trainers and next level athletes that want to take their knowledge at the next level.
  3. Solid Methods. The main methods inside VJB are simple, if you read the whole pdf/ebook and pick the right training, you will achieve great results.


  • The Vertical Jump Develoment Bible is detaile 148 pages ebook/Pdf From Kelly Baggett, that aims to make you jump higher and theere are chapters for strength training, plyometrics, rate of force development(RFD) as well as Central Nervous System(CNS) as well as multiple programs.
  • There are many concepts inside, as what is your lifting according to your 1 rep, based on your aim of the exercises. Some examples are maximum strength(80+%), strength speed(55-80%),, speed strength(25-50%) and speed training(0-25%).
  • Plyometrics include reactive strenth, that is avilable to absorb force and reverse it, similar to a spring.
  • The CNS takes 5 time more to recover than the muscular system.
  • Depth Jumps must not take more than half a second from fround contact time, perfactly 0.2. More experienced trainers are able to perform 40 reps, intermediate 25 and they are really intense.
  • Strength Jumpers, there is high chance they use 2 footed take off, which uses 50% more quads.
  • Elastic jumpers are genetically more bounce and able to be single leg take off, they utilize more the glutes, calves as well as hamstrings.

Picking the program

  1. Perform usual counter movement from flat feet.
  2. Then attempt, 12 inche Dpeth Jump.
  3. If the Depth Jumper is higher, try 18 inch Depth Jump.

If, the CMJ is more than your depth jump, youa re most likely strong, but you can perform more reactive skills, using the Intermediate reactive Program.

If, the depth jump is more and 18 inch depth jump was good, you are springly, but there is shortage of raw strength and need to apply the Intermediate strength program.

If, your depth jump is similar to your CMJ and never more than it, you apply the Intermediate mixed program.

Vertical Jump Bible 2.0

THe 2.0 version was released in 2012 by Kelly Baggett, which is upgraded version and it’s called Vertical Jump Bible 2.0.

vertical jump bible 2.0

Inside of it, he in more details tells about the main materials and additional bonus chapters for more details.

Some of the changes are little and most of the program’s main methods are the same.

Access Vertical Jump Bible

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