Vertical Explosion Training Program Review

Are, you looking for a new way to jump higher, which will lead to other benefits in your game being an athelet.

So, that’s a new program to give a boost and explosivness, so you can have higher vertical jump and this is its name.

This ability is very important that’s why many players are interested to improve it as much as possible.

And this is what this new Vertical Explosion Training is designed for.

You will be able to implement the exact workouts , that skyroketed Kurt’s vertical who is the creator of this program and many other atheletes

Facts About Vertical Explosion Training Program

  • The techniques exposed in this guide are proven to increase your jumping ability to new levels.
  • This is not some beginner program. This is an advanced vertical jumping training program.
  • This is a digital product and the images are for visualization only.

What Is Vertical Explosion Training Program ?

Your current vertical doesn’t matter. This is fully detailed program to increase your vertical.

vertical jump training program

There are more than onemethod to this training.

Majority of programs focus on one method to accelerate the process of gaining more vertical like plyometrics or weights, which are also effective, especially the plyometrics, furthermore if you mix them with weights, th results are better.

But this program combines a lot of drills and mixes all tips of training for maximal results.

For example this one covers:

  • Workout that takes care of all your muscles, when you jump. Usually, it is good to take care of all your muscles not only calves and quads similar do most programs. By training only few muscles, you miss a huge chance to reach your potential. When the other ones are also active, you can gain the full potential and take advantag of the additional inches, that you usually desire
  • It’s a program that is designed for your muscle explosivnss, that is one of the most important elements, when it comes to jump height and achieving the highst vertical jump. There are training programs that utilize the useful exercises, thaat are accurate, but don’t manage to implement the right model of workout, which can give results like improving your muscle endurance, but not the explosivness and quickness, which is a little bit more important than the endurane.  

On the other hand, if you want to jump without stoping for more than half an hour or you want to explode from ground high, as mentiond, you need to improve the explosivness or your muscles and the muscle endurance.

That’s why there is :

  • Detaild everyday Workout made for you to stick. The creator takes care of the guess work for you and they provide you everyday workout to follow with detailed instructions the way yo do every exercises inside.

Vertical Explosion Training Program – Founder

Kurt Howard is the guy behind the program and he has contributed to the success of over 3000 athletes to start improving their vertical leap and powerful way and to start drive the results, they have wanted.

His program has been featured on sites like,, CBSSports, NYTimes and more.

The system is really affective and all the pleased athletes are fact of that.

If, you currently struggle with your results, you can take advantage of it.

Inside Of This Vertical Jump Training Program

  • Gradual workout program for incrasing the vertical leap with a lot.
  • Comperhensive instructions on how to do each exercise.
  • Full details of th sets andreps to do for very drill.
  • It’s made simple for you, so your vertical will benef

Testimonials For Vertical Explosion Training Program

This is one of them

My Vertical Should Reach Above 40″ 

“I can honestly say today was nearly one of the most intense workouts I have ever experienced.. I attend Northwestern College in Orange City Iowa and am playing college football here. I know quite a bit about fitness and your program covers all areas of what I was looking for. I have done plios for hours and many other things to try to increase my vertical and lower my 40 time.

I can already tell after how intense the workout I had today was that after 55 days are complete my vertical should reach above 40 inches and my 40 time in the mid 4.5s. 

God Bless Kurt…if you have any other secrets I’d love to hear them and learn from you.”

– Jacob

Orange City, Iowa

Bonuses With It

Only now, you can also receive bonuses, when, you buy today.

vertical explosion training program bonus

Bonus #1: Vertical Explosion Training Videos

The videos guide you the perfect way to perform every exercises, so you don’t have to guess. There is a video for every workout which guides you through the whole workout in very easy way to follow.

Bonus #2:Vertical Explosion Training iPhone Videos

Even better, you are able to take your workouts from the gym and watching from your iPhoneor any device with internet, which maks the whole process easier to follow.

Bonus #3:Vertical Explosion Training Logs

Those training logs are rally easy way to keep track on your progress and be motivated throughout the whole training. They benefit from getting the best possible results from your vertical leap.

Bonus #4:Free Lifetime Updates

If, they make some additions, you will receive free updates insid the members area.

You are gonna have all th thingsneeded to have positive impact on your vertical jump.

If, you like Kurt have wasted money on other unreliable vertical jump programs and you want a quality, that’s it.

You don’t need to be obsessed on which exercises, you would need to perform to get results, becaus insid of the vertical explosion training program, all th things are laid out for you.

Gtting your vertical leap to the next level will bea lot easier and it has taken long time to be built and years of research, Kurt has spent to make it in order to product the best results possible in shortest amount of time.

There is very valuable information, that will benfit you and actually, when Kurt decided to relase the program, he was thinking to put a price of at least $200, but he knows what it is to buy multiple programs and not get results, so he decided to release it for just $97.

And actually for a limited amount of time, he is offering it at $37.

What is even better, there is also money back guarantee, even though the program is really effective, you can get a full rfund, if you are not satisfied from it.

You get instant access to the program, because it is digiatal and also, don’t forget that you receive.

  1. The Vertical Explosion Training Guide (Value: $97)
  2. The Vertical Explosion Training Videos (Value: $49)
  3. The Vertical Explosion Training iPad/iPhone Videos (Value: $39)
  4. The Vertical Explosion Training Logs (Value: $29)
  5. Free Ongoing Updates
  6. The 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

All of that for a lot more affordale price at $37.

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