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If, you are a beginner or struggling for some reason at dunking and improving your vertical jump, this might be helpful for you. We are gonna take a look at one of the most popular jump program for basketball, designed for dunkers and people who want better vertical leap.

If you a short guy you don’t have to worry, because you are still able to dunk by increasing your vertical leap with this unique basketball program.

This vertical jump training program will help you to master your skills at dunking at baskteball and your leaps.

What Is Vert Shock ?

Vert Shock is a powerful & effective vertical jump training system with very good reputation from a famous basketball players, that will take you from 0 to an experienced dunker. It doesn’t matter. The training program is absolutely legit containing in details everything & exercises plus a lot more, so you can increase your vertical jump & master the ability to dunk to become a better player.

The program is made in the best way possible to get the most out of the best dunker in the world.

It doesn’t matter, if you are a short guy, unexperienced or anything like that, you will have all you need inside to learn jumping higher, improving your vertical jump, so you can dunk like a professional.

review of vert shock

There are complex training routines inside. The comperhensive program is 100% legit. Inside of The Vert Shock with all the things inside, you will be guaranteed to increase your vertical jump up to 15 inches.

You have to dedicate 8 weeks of your time for the program, unlike some other training programs, which may require at least 5-6 months.

There are very in depth videos & materials inside the system, so you can increase your vertical by 9-15 inches, you don’t need anything, you can do all of the exercises at home. You are not required to be strong, athletic or to have some expensive equipment for the 8 week jump program.

By the end of finishing the training program, you will be able to dunk a lot better with very good vertical jumps.

Inside the jump program, that aims to improve your vertical leap, you will have some of the following exercises of the program:

  • 180 squat jumps
  • lateral high jumps
  • side crunches
  • horizontal bounds
  • uphill sprints
  • around the square
  • depth jumps
  • lateral high jumps
  • tuck jumps

And a lot more material and exercises, as well as secrets tips through out those 8 weeks of the program. Even, if your jump is already high, you can still benefit from this program to add a little bit more inches and learning some new stuff.

Another great thing is, that it can be used by anyone no matter at what age you are and what your skill level is currently. Even, if you are not able to touch the rim, it is a good fit for you like for anyone who wants to jump higher and have better jumps to become a better dunker, because you will get huge impact on your leaps and gains.

You will be able to get a lot more skilled at basketball in general by taking advantage of it.

vert shock review

How Does Vert Shock Work ?

Vert Shock uses strategic exercises and set/rep combinations to target your elastic muscle fibers. This produces explosive gains in your vertical jump.

The program is also designed, if youa re busy and you will need less than an hour max four times int he week to get the most out of it.

It is safe program to be used by anyone and as soon as you buy it, you will have access to all the material inside like the videos and all the content, instantly. You can access it anytime, because it is a digital program and, you will have lifetime access to it.

The Creators Of Vert Shock

justin darlington vert shock

Vert Shock is designed by Adam Folker and Justin “Jus fly” Darlington who are both professional basketball players, especially, Justin who is a master at dunking & has the perfect vertical jump. Adam is founder and CEO of Thincpro.

Justin is the guy in the middle.

Benefits Of Vert Shock

You will have a program made by professionals one of them the best dunker in the world, he is also known as “The Dunk King”.

It doesn’t matter your height, genetics, or Athleticism, anyone who wants to take advantage of all the valuable tips and then apply can do them, even at home, you don’t need fancy stuff, just desire & persistance.

On the other hand, you don’t need to do heavy squats, crazy box jumps, or deadlifts to star jumping higher. The jumping, vertical & dunking program is designed in a smart way where secrets will be revealed.

The dunks, Justin does have been featured on Slam Magazine and Bleacher Report.

The biggest advantage of the Vertical Jump program is that in 3 steps inside, you will be able to learn how his dunks are so good and you will be able to implement the same things.

Inside Of Vert Shock Program


Vert Shock Of The Month

How To Read Workouts

Quick Start

Exercise Videos

Vert Shock Pre-Shock Phase

In the beginning, you will have a dynamic warp up, which is important for your body.

In the first seven days of Vert Shock, your body will go through a unique movement patternts and amazing exercises of the program.

And, if it sounds intimidating, it shouldn’t, because, it is not.

Actually, it’s a lot easier, because the system is made to make you work SMART, not hard, so you will have a lot of effect from it, because there will be a lot of secret tips from some of the best basketball players in the world.

All, you will go through in this pre-shock phase is based on amazing jumping exercises to improve your vertical skills, along with accurate reps and sets.

It is called “The Pre-Shock” phase, because it is made to prepare your body to fly.

You will have to train4 days in the week for 30 minutes per session.

phase 1 of vert shock

Vert Shock The Shock Phase

That’s the Step 2 Of Vert Shock training, which is made to push the limits.

That’s the part, where, they will ‘shock’ your body to make it jump higher, than you’ve ever thought is possible and this is where, it gets really interesting.

3 Days per week will required for 40 minutes per session.

Every of your movements will carefully aim the neglected elastic fibers.

It is critical to exploade on every jump through this phase of the training, because that’s the way, you will gradually reach your maximum vertical jump volecity and make the elastic fibers stronger.

The purpose is after these 6 weeks for you to be able to leap a lot higher than all of your friends’ve ever thought is possible.

vert shock phase 2

Vert Shock The Post Shock Phase

And the last phase of the system is named “The Post-Shock Phase”.

Here, your body becomes cemented in the muscle memory in everything , your body has gone through in 1 and 2.

You will be ready any time to rise up and throw down a massive rim rocking dunks.

In this week, you will have to train 4 days again in the week for around 30 minutes every sessions and that’s good, because it is not time consuming and with little time, you can achieve great results with the whole program.

They avoided the intensity this week and allow your body to release a lot of vertical jump potential.

This is the time of the program, where, you will feel most excited.

You will feel much lighter and fresh on your feet…

The powerful elastic fibers in your body will make it feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

vert shock phase 3


Vert Tracker

Maintenance Program


Does Vert Shock Really Work ?

When, you get inside of the training program, which is intended to master your skills as a dunker and your vertical jumps, you will have everything laid out for you to start applying.

You can see some of the people, that have used it.

Week 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, that’s 8 weeks, through all these eight weeks, you will get the most out of this program, which has a lot of value inside where professionals share their tips and secrets to make you a more skilled at basketball and your vertical leaps.

There are tons of other reviews of people sharing their amazing results from Vert Shock .

Testimonials About Vert Shock

There are already a lot of positive reviews & results about the effective workout program for improving your basketball skills, especially increasing your vertical jump.

Special Bonuses With Vert Shock

You will also get access to multiple amazing bonuses, that will have positive impact on your vertical leaps even more.

The 4 Vertical Jump Killers

the 4 vertical jump killers

NBA Jump Secrets Revealed

NBA Jump Secrets Revealed

The 5 Dirty Secrets To Jumping Higher

5 secrets to jump higher

The Jumpers Diet Checklist

diet checklist of jumpers

Weekly Check Ins Of Vert Shock Program

weekly check ins

The Power Leak Fix For Overnight Hops

Olympic High Jump Hacks Revealed

The Slingshot Secret To Instantly Jump Higher

The Vert Shock Maintenance Program

The Dunk Now Visualization Workout

The Vert Shock Vert Tracker Workbook

more bonuses with vertshock

Justin is one of the best dunkers in the world, if not the best.

Jump Like Justin

The way to unlock around 9 inches of raw vertical jump taking advantage of the profesisonal dunk champion secret tips.

Also, the proper way of using “strength multipliers” to become asap one of the best class jumper, even if you are not athletic or in good shape.

Another thing, re wire of your muscle memory and isntant install the silky smooth jump mechanics from the best dunkers in the world.

3 “leg hacks” to unlock immediately inches on your hops.

How to easily dunk WITHOUT PALMING THE BASKETBALL. You will learn how to throw down your first dunk, a total game changer.

A weird takeoff approach that has been used by Jus Fly for maximum propulsion and best results.

How to build confidence in jumping ability FAST to be able to dunk without hesitation in games…

And more stuff in this bonus also.

It’s a complete course packed with videos and training manuals discovering all of Justin’s juiciest dunk secrets in details in step-by-step modules in order for you to be able to apply them and have better hops.

jump like justin

Final Verdict About Vert Shock

Vert Shock is a very high quality training program about basketball and more in-depth about your vertical jump, it is not a scam. It is definitley worth it.

Pros Of The Program

  • You won’t need to stretch your shoulders out of the socks in order to swipe the net.
  • No need to be afraid to attack the rim in games.
  • No need to feel uncomfortable, when you are on the court.
  • Suitable for any type of basketball players
  • No experience or fancy stuff needed
  • Program designed by the best dunker in the world and a professional player.


The only con is that, you will need internet connection, which may not be a con, because everyone has literally almost all the time, so I can’t really say con.

The best part, you will have a proven program, that has contributed a lot of inches to other people’s vertical jump, not some scammy program.

Finally, you will be able to be on the court dunking on people, isntead of sitting on the bench.

Can I Perform It At Home ?

As, we might have already said, you can ge the maximum of Vert Shock at home, you don’t need any equipment to do it, just some time & patience.

Can I Use Vert Shock, If I Have Physical Problem ?

If you have some physical trauma/injury, it wouldn’t be a good idea to use it, but you can consult your doctors, eventually, depending on the injury, at what stage, it is etc.

Is There A Discount For Vert Shock ?

If you want to buy the comperhensive training program intended to improve your basketball skills in this case to increase your vertical leap, so you can dunk better, then, you can get it for a limited price on a discount by clicking below or the orange button .

reviews of vert shock


You will get a lot more flexible by going through the whole program, furthermore, you will be able to have your vertical jump increased.

You will be able to see great results after, your vertical weeks and be a lot more skilled at basketball in general. There are a lot of people that share positive reviews about the program, but how, they wouldn’t, when it is designed by profesisonals.

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  • Very Good Reputation Of The Creator
  • Proven To Improve Vertical Jump.
  • Detailed Basketball Training Program
  • Plus More

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