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If, you have visited this page, you already have heard about the Vert Shock Program By Adam Folker & Jus Fly. By going through this short article

What Is Vert Shock ?

Actually, Vert Shock has been around for a few years now, but it’s still great and promising vertical jump improvement from 5 to 15 inches, because, it’s a 8 week training program, that’s 2 months. Actually, majority of the people who had taken it have achieved it already, as it seemed impossible to them, when they were first starting.

But, Adam Folker & Justin jus fly Darlington are professional basketball players, as they have broken down the Vert Shock Program into 3 phases, that we are gonna soon take a look at.

While, I have tried many other programs, apart from Vert SHock, I would say that most of them focus a lot on weights, but there are researches that plyometrics give better results. Anyway, I have also been on others, that claim to be more based on plyometrics, but I wasn’t satisfied from them like from this one.

As, you can find many other reviews on the program and others as well, people might not be telling the truth for some reason like selling you without telling you, that they haven’t tried the program without honest review.

As, I have actually written a full Vert Shock Review , that you can see, here I will be just discussing the things more in a nutshell about this dunking program, that improves the vertical jump of most athletes at least by 10 vertical jump.

Few years ago, I was sceptical about Vert Shock, due to many reasons like that I burned with money by spending on other unreliable programs, but this one offers money back guarantee.

But, I don’t regret doing it, because it turns out to be a really good for me, the outcome.

vert shock program

Inside Vert Shock Program

So, let’s get to the three pieces of the high quality programs used inside, that takes care of your muscles and nervous system.

You might know that, by targeting the nerves in the legs with plyometrics, they have effect on the type 2 muscle fibers, that are known as fast twitch fibers too. Their goal is to make your muscles really fast, so you can have more force to jump and be more explosive in order to dunk and jump higher.

So, the three stages of Vert Shock are.

The Three Stages

Their duration is in total 8 weeks ,which are more than enough to master your skills as an athlete.

  • Pre-Shock
  • Shock
  • Post-Shock

Vert Shock Pre-Shock Phase

That’s the first part of the program, which is called the Pre Shock. It’s specifically made to warm up your body of what is coming. There are enough plyometric exercises inside of this, that you will go through, while doing the Program. Most people at this stage don’t see big results, most likely like 3-4 inches, but this part is designed to prepare you.

This first one was a little bit hard for me personally, because I had to stick to it, but going through it, ensures, you will be able to go through the rest in a more smooth way. The workouts are new to your body, not that, it is really intensive.

Vert Shock The Shock Phase

Now, it’s the time for the real exercises to start and this is the culmination of the system. It’s really intense for most people, but really effective on the other hand. If, you have been in the first phase, now you are gonna feel a little bit tired and having your legs hurting. Soon, gradually, your body will adapt to this level and you are gonna have desire to workout for more.

Because, what this part does is your fast twitch muscle adapt to explode with different plyometrics and strengthening exercises. They are gonna start to produce more power, so your legs will be able to perform better. By the end of this phase, you can expect to have great results at least 5 to 15 inches, one person shared 12. So stick to everything inside and each phase in order to achieve the best results possible from which you only benefit to become a better athlete and to be able to dunk.

The Post-Shock Stage

Now, we are at the final phase of the system, which will be a little bit easier and allow your muscle to restore. Now it is all about enabling the muscle memory, you have gained in the previous 2 months through the other parts of the program. Each hour you invest to this now, your body detects, because it remembers it and it behaves in a way, you would like. THe duration is 1 week and the main purpose is to see how well your perform, master your skills additionally and see your vertical jump performance, which is closely related to your dunking abilities.

Now, you are gonna feel a lot better and relaxed, because your legs are stronger and better developed. Inside of this last part, there are 4 workouts for the week and 2 hours in total training. Your elastic fibers will feel a lot better, similar to like you have lost weights.

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