The Jump Manual Review 2021

That’s a program, which is based on science, because the amazing techniques on it are based on well researched and scientifically proven research, it’s tested.

What is The Jump Manual ?

The Jump Manual is basketball training program based on 15+ years old scientific research, that has the most powerful exercises, trainings and tips.

A lot of athlethes have used it longterm to improve their vertical leap.

It can add up 10 inches to your vertical jump and increase your flexibility and skill as an athlete.

jump manual review

This is amoung one of the best vertical jump training programs out here to accelerate the process of having a higher vertical jump with exercises.

Advantages Of Jump Manual

1. Exercises Designed For Your One Of A Kind Jumping Movement

This is the way, the creators make the results of their athletes two times more. They don’t just use basic exercises, you are able to find on youtube. When you have designed exercises to fir your body’s unique style of jumping, you are gonn see rapid results.

2. The Combined Method

There is a certain tactic for your body to learn it’s muscle to be not only strong, buy fast, because you might not be blessed with a lot of speed, but inside the jump manual, they are gonna show you the things, that contribute strength as well as athleticism.

3.Eruptive Drilling Triggers

It’s true that, even if you perform the most result driving exercises in the right order, you may not get results, if your intensity levels are not right for the certain exercise, you will not be getting results. Inside of The Jump Manual, they will laid out for you the accurate triggers, you must achieve in every workout, which helps your body to move a lot more and to increase your vertical leap.

The Founder

jacob hiller jump manual

There is misbelief that, if you are not born natural jumper, you will not be a good athlete, furthermore to have good vertical, but Jacob Hiller who is the founder wasn’t born a jumper too. At high school he had 19 vertical jump at tryouts and struggled to make the team.

Now he jumps over 40 and is one of the best vertical jump specialists in the world. So far he has trained amatuer, professional and olympic level athletes in over 65 countries.

Inside The Jump Manual, he will teach you the accurate way to develop yourself 40+ vertical jump.

Inside The Jump Manual

  • Maximum explosion. This is the same workouts, that a lot of athletes have utilized to achieve 10-20 inches for vertical, as well as tips, you will not be able to find somewhere else. This is the formula, the coach Jacob has used and his students to have 40 inches vertical.
  • Full collection of exercise videos. Jacob’s full exercices with details for implementing with ease. They have also added non weight variety of every exercises, if you don’t have weight room.
  • Nutritional Acceleration. The important of eating certain foods to gain without needing to change your whole lifestyle, because gains are not achieved in the gym, but, when you recover.
  • Methods for rapid gains to achieve flexibility and strength, as wellas your vertical jumo and more.
  • It doesn’t matter how comperhensive the program is. There are alway questions, the coaching support team will answer them to make things clear for you, so you will not be confused. Get in touch with them in any case. 

It is proven program, most of the people who have tried it have became skilled athletes and better basketball players.

The Jump Manual In Action

Is The Jump Manual Suitable For Children ?

It’s perfect start for most people and in general for kids is even better for their development to become more athletic, which will give them more confidence. If, you are young or your kid is at a sport, where they already put training level stress in their body. The accurate training in this case will make them stronger and less likely to have injuries in environments, that they don’t have control over.

What Is The Age Limit For THe Jump Manual ?

One thing is for sure, if you have some doubts about your health, you should consult physician to start any program like this. But for the age, if your muscle tissue is in good condtion and also your joints, then you are suitable to start improving them even more and your vertical as well as many more benefits like getting more flexible. If, you are not in good shape, it would be better to start rehabilitation, before you start to improve your strength and skilll abilities. Jacob has trained people over 45+ years old from touching the rim to dunking.

Is Weight Room Needed To Implement THe Jump Manual ?

Actually not. Usually, it is important for most trainings to drive maximum results, but for this one not. They will give variety of things to do without a weight room. Weight are just a way to make the muscle more resistant.

Do My Race Matter, When It Comes To Improving My Vertical

There is also a muth, that your race can stop you from increasing your athletism, but it is not true. Any healthy person and athlete is able to improve the athletic abilities. Usually some people are genetically blessed with more athletism, but the human body can be improved and can be adaptable. If, your body is provided with th e right trainings, it will have positive effect and adapt to become stronger and more explosive. In this case The Jump Manual is developed for this exact purpsoe and it is very effective to increase your vertical jump and skills in general.

How Fast Results Can Be Achieved ?

It really depends on your personality and how dedicated you are and other factors.

The rapid reults come at the beginning, when you start activating more muscles and advantages from t he tips, you haven[‘t seen before. Eventually, gradually, you will start to see results like more speed and explosion.

It’s important to keep logical expectations of your improvement. Usually results come, when we don’t expect them, but when you stick to proven principles, they are even more likely to come.

Just keep doing what is inside and you can contact the coaches anytine and they will help you. There is also personalized coaching membership.

What If I have Questions After I Start The Program ?

When, you buy Jump Manual, you also as mentioned receive 2 weeks free access to personalized coaching, you have contact with the coaching staff to answer for you any questions and help you with implementing every part of the program, according to your case.

There is a icon image inside to submit a question or video.

You will receive response in business day, it’s good to provide them with your video workouts, so they can give you feedback better
on what you perform wrong . Jacon has used other vertical programs and tried all the things, but couldn’t increase his vertical.

I tried plenty of vertical programs, but couldn’t increase my vertical. Do I have reached my genetic potential ?

If, your vertical ins between 40 and 50, most likely, you are. But the truth is a lot of people spent a lot of hours on the wrong training and in the best cases in gives little results.

You must learn the accuret principles for explosion training, wich is different from the usual stength or rapid training.

Is It Dangerous ?

The Jump Manual has a section based only on preventing injury and recovering. People must know that high intensity sports and workouts have higher degree of potential for injuries.

To get rid on 100% of an injury possible, you don’t have to train. They will provide everything needed to make sure, your raining and athletic performances are safe and as much as possible free from injuries.

Before starting as mentioned consult your physician.

How Qualified Is Jacob ?

He is a full time vertical jump and quickness coach. He has been part of vertical jump training theroty for 10+ years and had the chance to train athletes from all level from wide variety of countries, as well s high school and college athletes, NBA Players and olympians, as well as professional dunkers.

What It Takes To Get Results ?

Like it is with anything in life, you must work hard, be focused and disciplined. There is no magic to make things work. The Jump Manual is proven to drive results, when you put in the work.

When, you put in the work, you will find out, you are achieving your physical potential and you will need to focus on the other aspects in the specific sport.

What Do I Get With The Program ?

You receive instant access, The Jump Manual is digital program, which has videos, explanations nd workout plans.

When, you do the secure payment, you will receive email with your login and password for the secure membership, where you have instant access anytime, you want.

If, you don’t like to receive email with the login info in 15 minutes, you can contact the support and they will take care.

The Jump Manual


Quality Of The Program


Customer Support



  • One Time Fee
  • Very Good Reputation, It has been around for 13-14 years.
  • Proven To Improve Vertical Jump By At Least 10 Inches.
  • Newbie Friendly

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