The Highest Vertical Jumps In The NBA 2021

Are, you wondering who has the highest vertical jump in the nba history ?

Basketball is game where, people jump really high, according to the average person and dunk really awesome and most maybe 90% of the people on the earth wouldn’be able to jump that high.

The reasons, they are able to do so are numerous as, being really tall, exercising a lot, doing workouts for vertical jump and many more reasons.

There are also some really gifted players like Wilt, Dominique, Jordan & Vince Carter. They are from the well known best leapers throughout the years.

Some of the most amazing dunks have been made by them, which people still enjoy.

Top 10 Highest Vertical Jumps

10. Iman Shumpert – 42 Inches

iman shumpert

If, you don’t know him, his girlfriend is Teyana Taylor and he is also a 26-th champion with the cavs and he got one of the best hairstyles in the NBA, drafted far in 2011 in Ney Work Knicks, he was measured with amaing defensive skills and abiltyies and his vertical was measured at 42 inches at 2011 draft combine, the best among all rookies this year.

9. Victor Oladipo

victor oladipo
Pacers at Wizards 3/17/18

Victor Oladipo was the second choice in the 2013 NBA Draft and he was chosen picked that high because of his unique athleric skills and defensive abilities s well s his vertical gives him the chance to play above the rim and throw 360 dunks with ease.

His name became really popular after the slam dunk contest in 2015, when he was second behind Zach Lavine and now he is two time all star.

Nwo Oladipo has recovered this season from a severe injury and his athleticism is not competely recovered. The indiana’s star will be one of the most athletic players in the nba, if he fully recovers.

8. JA Morant – 44 inches

ja morant

JA Morant, the young guy shined on natural scence in 2012 after a few outstanding dunks in his second year at Murray State. His vertical stands at 44 inches and he showed it at t he NBA season, when he almost killed Kevin Love in th e process and most likely he will win the Rookie of the year award and definitely he will be a huge star in the league and he is still really young.

7. Pat Connaughton – 44 Inches

pat Connaughton

He is one of the least white men that can jump, a exception to the rule on the contrary of what Wesley Snipes has said, that white men are not able to jump, because they have faster twitch muscle fibers and in most cases black athletes are superior leapers.

With 44 inches vertical, he is measued at 2015 and 5th year player out of Notre Dame as he contributed a lot for the bucks where he had good partnership with Yanis, because both are gym rats, became very popular with the casual fans and appeared in the 2020 slam dunk contest, where he didi amazing slams, although he didn’t achieve for the final round.

6. Andrew Wiggins – 44 Inches

Andrew Wiggins

The young player born in 1995 was chosen number one in the 2015 NBA draft, because of his amazing athere skills and ability to leap.

Sports science reported, that his vertical jump is 44 inches from from the time he worked out before the draft, they published a photo, which was viral and it provided the measurment and all the credibility.

5. Hamidou Diallo – 44.5 Inches


From the other players in the list, he is lesser known, becuse second year, he was playing with limited time in OKC, he has 44.5 inches vertical lea, which has been the second highest vertical in the history of NBA Draft Combine , he also showed his amazing leaping ability after 2019 slam dunk contest, that he won after amazing dunks over Quavo & Shaquille O’Neal, he definitely desereved to be a slam dunk champion.

4. Zion Williamson – 45 Inches

zion williamson

He is different from the others, because his weight is too much compared to th e others and even in this case, he has this amazing vertical jump, which is one of the highest in the NBA history.

This makes him unique as a plyer, he was often dubbed the more athletic, Chrles Berkley.

He is 6’6 foot and for his large frame he has amazing abilities.

Zion wasn’t involved in the combine. Duke University gve information about his vertical for the public and he jumps so high, that he had cleared all the bars plates from the vertical machine and his final result was 45 inches, so they had to put some more weight to measure it. He is able to dunk from the free throw line.

3. Derrick Jones Jr. – 46 Inches

derrick  jone sjr

And now with the amazing 46 inches comes , the 23 years old Deerick Jones.

This guy is a vertical jump machine and can straight up fly in the air his dunks must be seen.

He won the 2020 slam dunk contest after arguable final dunk from his colleague flyer Aaron Gordan.

Jones was great but underrated and some were angry, because he own, but most importnt thing is his vertical is 46-inches does the work.

2. Zach Lavine – 46 Inches

zach lavine

He almost beat Aaron Gordon in the slam dunk competition and the first think people think, when it comes to beating Aaron is Zach Lavine. and the amazing showdown in 2016 contest, whcih was one of the best in the basketball history.

His vertical jump was measured at 46 inches and in one of the contests in 2015 he was again champion in 2016.

Dennis Smith Jr. – 48 Inches

dennis smith jr

Dennis Smith jr. holds the record for the highest vertical jumper in the NBA history. His vertical was measured at 48 inches correctly and there is no reason not to believe.

He looks like he has springs installed at his feet as a rookie he was involved in a slam dunk contest and he lost in the first round, becuse he didn’t make all the dunks from the first try.

My Top Recommendation, if you want to jump as high as these players would be Vert Shock.

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