Ja Morant Vertical Jump

When, we are talking about NBA players, there are now many young talented players with outstanding and very impressionable skills and achievements. We’ve mentioned in other article that Ja Morant has one of the highest vertical jumps for 2021 in nba

Despite his young age, he has achieved a lot with his vertical of 42 inches, as he is born only in 1999. The vertical leap is one of the things that says a lot about the players and his skills.

It’s a top indicator of how good a players his.

Ja Morant Vertical Jump ?

Despite his young age, he is born in 1999, he is one of the least basketball players with 43-4 inches of vertical. His wingspan according to sources is 6’7 and his vertical 44.

He has a lot other great skills like being quick, speed, athleticism, but his level of competition according to some people and turnovers are not his best parts as well as his strength. Being as a position of guard is obvious why he is good at certain things and not that good at others.

With his height of 190cm, he is very suitable for a good vertical jump. From hometown Dalzell, SC and from high school Crestwood, he has playing basketball for a young age, obviously, because he is very good for his age as a player.

Ja Morant

As a professional player himself for Memphis Gizzlies of the the National Basketball Association

He has also played college basketball for Murray State racers, where he was a consensus first team All-American as sophomore in 2019. He was chosen from the Gizzlies with the second pick in 2019 NBA draft and called the NBA Rookie in 2020.

As, we have commented for other players like Michael Jordan & Zach LaVine . Most of the players have similar experiences in the history. They have been playing and struggling a lot to get to the top of all players and Ja Morant is not an exception.

Even though, he has a lot of years ahead to develop, he was hired b y NCAA Division 1 programs and unranked from recruting services. Despite the fact, he was called All-Region Most Valuable Players multiple times and earned All-State honors on Crestwood High School in Sumter, South Carolina.

Though, he made right away impact in Murray State University, when he earned all his first team all-conference honors, when he was freshman. He had a breakout sophomore season. He being a sophomore was the first player in the NCAA history that made 20-plus points as well as 10 plus assists for a game in a single season.

Being athletic is what helped him to reach that 44 inch vertical jump and he used it to throw down some of the most memorable dunks of the season. It is not just his ability to finish at the rim, but his speed in the open court makes him a nightmare defensive assignment and on fast breaks he should be able to be effective from day one. He can jump and also has elite speed, however his lateral quickness also will be at the top of the league and he will have no problem getting by defenders using his quickness

You can see short video below of him how he jumps higher and shows his vertical jump in action.

Ja Morant has impressed the NBA world again. During his time in the NBA, he was performing amazing in all of the three seasons, he had taken the NBA by storm.

No wonders why he just at the age of 22 is able to compete with some of the NBA players in terms of vertical jump and because he is proven to be able to do amazing dunks.

Morant in number 5 game of the NBA playoffs, threw an amazing jam and it was a moment, that anyone could remember. He is a poster dunk, absolutely smoking and jaw-dropping dunks he does, because of his vertical mainly, but also other factors.

Ja Morant Vertical Jump Training

At his height of 6’3″, Ja has a great wingspan of 6’7″ and amazing vertical jumping ability. Before he was first drafted from Memphis Grizzlies, he did a vertical leap of 44 inches. Usually, the average jump height for NBA is 28 inches.

His amazing bounce makes him dunk over players that are even 7 feet in some cases.

Some people say that, he trains by jumping at least 800 times per day, until he was able to dunk, as he first dunked a basketball, when he was 14 years old. In high school, he also was exercising to jump on tires and other methods

Ja Morant has been appreciated, on top of that even from other great basketball players.

Of course, most NBA players rely to dominate the league and on the other hand, there are players who are blessed with a lot of athleticism and they perform better the others. For example Ja Morant is the superstar of Memphis Grizzlies and falls into that category.

Even though, he has not been for that long inside that league, he was the favorite one, he also recently credited Derrick Rose fo r paving a path to NBA for athletics guards.

Talking about Morant’s game, there is rarely a game that fans don’t see the 6’3″ guard doing amazing moves. You can see below a video of him

Ja Morant’s official vertical jump is mentioned to be at 44 inches. This is calculated to be above the NBA average, but you might be curious what is the limit and is that it ? Actually a lot more can be achieved, in one clip on his twitter.

For example on the video below he is pulling off the the 62 inch box jump and this is real.

Also below, you can see some of his amazing dunks at 44 vertical leap.

The world is inspired by Moran’s amazing vertical jumping abilities and with his block against the Lakers.

He was about to smash his head against the backboard with the most amazing block from the season.

Even though, he is at 6’3″, which is not a lot, it’s enough, but his amazing hops are what got him to those insane blocks and dunks. A lot of his failed dunks are also good attempts to become better.

Ja Morant Vertical Jump Before NBA

If, you are wondering what has been his vertical before NBA, he had a vertical of 42,43 inches and he was already jumping high in the Murray State days.

Now, he is able to jump a little bit more high at his height of 6’3, he would be able to reach at least 45 inches vertical for his head to be around the rim, he is able to get eye level with the rim, that’s a good indicator for getting at 45 inches or even higher.

There are a lot of videos of him performing pretty well, unlike other players, not that they are bad, but he is very good.

His father was dedicated to make him good and his athleticism in ninth grade, he used to exercise on a tire and he used to jump around 800-900 times per day and it seems that it has done good work for his future career.

Ways To Improve Your Vertical Jump

There are many ways, you can do that, for example you can take a look at the NBA players histories and look how consistent they have been or you can participate in some trainings, there are many ways.

Exercises also.

Workouts To Improve Your Vertical Jump

There are usually two type of exercises for basketball.

  • Plyometric Exercises. They work very well to improve your skills and vertical and they don’t require you to have weights.
  • Weight Workouts. They are also very good for helping your explosivness.

Training Programs For Vertical Leap

  • Vert Shock System. I would personally recommend Vert Shock as it has helped me to increase my personal vertical jump by 8 inches and you don’t need equipment for it, you can be at home and doing all the things. Click Here to learn more
  • The Jump Manual. This is the other one and it’s also very helpful and used by many.

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