How To Measure Vertical Jump At Home

Your vertical jump skill is estimation of your leg power. As a basketball player in general, you will get tested by your coches usually or you cn do it yourself, the power of bottom part of your body to estimate how much explosiveness you have.

If, you are wondering the way to measure your vertical jump, you are gonn find out.

There is more than one way to do it and here you will find out with some examples to know your jump height without actually needing some fancy equipmet, which are generally used.

It is usually done in order to see the way you perform according to the other athletes out there and to find out, if increasing of your jumping ability is actually needed.

So, when you use a designed training program for jumping, you can measure your vertical leap to keep track on your results.

How To Measure Vertical Jump, When You Are Home

Now lets provide the really simple and beginner friendly way to measure your vertical jump, but as mentioned, you don’t need any fancy stuff.

What Is Required To Have

  • Something to write with on the wall.
  • Roulette
  • Wall with high ceiling.

Doing A Jump Test:

In order to estimate your vertical jump by standing, you would need to follow those tips.

  1. Color the tips of your fingers with something noticable, which will remain on the wall, when you touch it.
  2. Stay straight up next to the the wall and get your hand up to touch the wall.
  3. Aim to reach the highest you can possible, while you keep both of your feet on the ground, when touching the wall.
  4. The place, you have marked is your reach, when you stand.
  5. Stay to the wall and jump the highest, you can.
  6. When, you are at the top of your jump, reach the highest, you can to touch the wall.

The place, you have marked, when jumped is the vertical jump reach, you have, which means the highest, you can reach with jumping.

Measurement and Estimation

Tip 1: Utilize a Tape Measure Or Known As Roulette

  • Take out the tape measure and use it to get the distance connecting your standing reach and vertical jump reach.
  • The distance linking the 2 points is your vertical jump height in inches.

You can use a chair or something else to help yourself.

Tip 2: Utilizing a Calculator

That’s the second alternative.

  • From the ground take advantage of the roulette to get your standing reach.
  • After that get the space from the ground to your vertical reach.

When, you have colelcted both the numbers in inches, you can put in usage the formula to calculate the jump height.

Your Vertical Jump Height Equals The Vertical Jump Reach Minus Your Standing Reach.

That’s a really suitble method, because it can be applied no matter where you are with no need of device to measure or anything else.

The things, you must know here is that this is measuring the standing vertical jump, because you star from flat foot position.

There are also other techniques giving you the chance to calculate, but these are very practical and appliable.

How to Measure Vertical Jump – NBA Draft Combine

This is something really popular realted to the more professional bsketball players and their skills to jump.

Quite a lot of NBA Players can dunk pretty good and that’s obvious.

But the way NBA Measures the vertical leap is with NBA draft combine that is a special event where basketball players test their potential and skills

NBA Measure the actual vertical jump inside the draft combine of NBA, that is a special competition area, where you as a basketball player or someone else will get tested for the skills and abilities by NBA scounts for the future NBA Draft.

This combine vertical jump measure is performed with the usage of a vertec device, when the players aims to touch as many flags on the highest point of the device, tehrefore the more amount of flages, you are able to reach the higher will be the jump height.

Meanwhile the test, the NBA Draft mixes two variety of tests which are..

  • Standing || No Step Vertical – we actually hve covered that already with the difference, that they use a vertec device, instead of you having to touch the wall.

For this test, you must jump up without getting other steps, you need to jump from a flat foot position.

The record for the highet standing vertical is for D.J. Stephens and it has been estimated at 40 inches.

  • Max Vertical Jump – that jump test gives a player the chance to run to the vertec device and take advantage of running start to jump as high as you can.

That result is a lot higher jump, when you compared it with standing vertical and calculates how high a certain player is able to jump on the run like when they aim to dunk

D. J. Stephens have reached the maximum vertical leap in 2013 with 47 inches, which is 1.17 m.

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How to Measure Vertical Jump – NFL Combine

On the other hand NFL utilizies that test to estimate how athletic as a player you are.

Similar to NBA, this also has draft combine. There are some tests, which are performed by scouts for vertical jump. They do it as well for the purpose to measure positions for which you may need after jump balls, similar to receivers.

  • Inside the NFL Combine, the only thing they do is to test the standing vertiacl jump.
  • The person who holds the record for the NFL is Gerald Senasbaugh with 46 inches at the NFL Combine for standing vertical jump.

How Does My Jump Height Performs According To Others ?

If, we haven’t mentioned there are a lot of ways to check how high your jump is. You can see around the internet the average jump heights based on some factors and you will get the chance to see how well your performing related to others.

If, you also are wondering about other way, you can see how you perform according to professional players in this area as you can see here the highest vertical jumps.

It’s based on NBA Players and you can take a look at highest vertical jumps.

How Can I Increase My Vertical Leap?

Now, you are familiar with the calculations and measurmets and you know how you are doing according to other players.

But, if you are wondering what you can do to go higher.

There are some examples:

  • Perform those exercises to empower your leg power.
  • Apply plyometric exercises to increase your jump.
  • Put in usage a training program for jumping higher, which is the best option.

Me as a basketball player have experienced really great results with two programs.

  • Vert Shock Program in which you don’t need weights, it’s mainly based on plyometrics.
  • The other is The Jump Manual By Jacob Hiller, which has both weights and plyometrics.

You can see both of the reviews and consider, which one would fit for you better.

How to Measure Vertical Jumps – It Is Critical For You As An Athlete

As already mentioned your vertical jump is sign of your general athlete level.

The whole body needs to be strong in order for you to explode as much as possible to provide more power and therefore to jump higher.

There are also other sports in which you don’t need to jump and measure your vertical skills, but in basketball in particular it is important.

Some Things To Consider

  • In football, it might benefit you as well, but not that much as in basketball for example or voleyball, even though there are some sports in certain situations, it can help yo.
  • In basketball, you have the chance to bounce, block, if you are able to jump higher.
  • In voleyball it is also important to jump, because it gives you mny advantages to block or score a point gainst your team.

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