How To Increase Your Vertical Jump For Basketball In 2020

Having good vertical jump is very important to any basketball player.

We can’t deny the fact, that a lot of people struggle to increase it due to different reasons like not being consistent enough, performing poor exercises, poor diet and other things.

So, if you are wondering how to increase your vertical jump, let’s find out.

What’s The Best Way To Increase Your Vertical Jump In 2020 ?

Let’s find out, what you need to know. It’s more than clear, that we need to do certain exercises or some people call them drills, but it’s the same thing or workouts whatever you wanna call them.

The exercises for improving the vertical jump should be optimal and ensuring, they are not harmful, but we can only get benefits out of them.

You will se different kind of depth jumps, kneeling jumps and also height jumps. Add the exercises to your weekly workouts, if it is possibel in the week 2-3 times.

Exercises, That Will Improve Your Vertical Jump

Powerful workouts, which you can to even at home, if you are tired of going to the gym, because of different reasons like the current worldwide situation, not wanting to go there for some reasons or any other reasons.

The first 3 exercises are bulgarian Split Squat Jumps, Broad Jump To A Vertical Jump & Tuck Jumps. There is a jump involved in each of them.

If, you are here, it’s clear, you wanna increase your vertical jump, but as mentioned not a lot of people want to go to the gym. SO, the question how to do it, when I am at home and, there are actually a lot of exercises, you can perform at home. The 3 ones, we mentioned

Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps

Put one of your legs on the sofa, char or bed and spead the other one apart and go down, bring your knee up, swing your arms start jumping this exercise should be performed 4 Sets 10 Reps Every Leg.

Do 4 sets 10 Reps and then switch with the other leg.

Broad Jump To A Vertical Jump

For this, it’s good to have more space in your room or outside, find some space and you perform broad jump to a vertical jump and you perform from six to eight reps, 4 sets ensuring you jump the highest possible every time.

Tuck Jumps

As soon as your feets touch the floor, jump the highest, you can back up. Make, sure that your room is high enough, so you can avoid touching the ceiling with your head, because it might hurt.

Start jumping from one position and everytime your feets touch the floor jump again and swing your arms trying to get the highest jump, trying to reach the ceiling.

4 Sets , 8-10 Jumps.

These 3 exercises are good and the best part is, you can even perform them at home, you don’t need special basketball shoes to increase your vertical jump, special equipment or anything like that, no need to go to the gym.

You can do all of them from home and they can certainly improve your vertical jump.

Another Exercises, Which Will Increase Your Vertical Jump

It is the best to perform every rep with power and speed. Because with power with speed comes the more explosivness and the more explosive you are the higher, you will be able to jump, therefore your vertical will be higher.

  1. Depth Jump – 4 Sets, 4-5 Reps, Rest 90SEc – 2 Min

Depth Jump is a reaction exercises, which will help any athlete in general, no matter if it is going up and grabbing a rebound spiking a voleyball or grabbing a pass or itnerception, it will set up for the moments in the game.

Go to the top of an elevated platform, which is at least a foot all, it can be a chair or you can be even outside in the park or in your garden, but anyone has a chair in home, so you can do it from there.

Drop down from the chair and when you hit the floor asap, explode and jump the maximum height possible.

There is also another way, you can perform the depth jump. You perform the same, but you put a metric box in front of you and try to jump on it and you can measure, then the jump, you have performed.

Kneeling Jump – 4 Sets, 4-5 Reps, Rest 90sec- 2 Min

The kneeling jump is very good for explosivness, it’s called that way and it forces you to drive through your hips on your feets.

Get on your kness, drive through your hips and then explode to your feet to an athletic stance.

Drop down near your heels and swing upwards through the hips upper body and arms.

THe way you shouldn’t do it is to help yourself up’ it’s a pop movement and there are multiple variations kneel jump to a vertical jump, kneel jump into a broad jump and kneel jump to a lateral bound.

Maximum height Jumps 4 Sets, 4-5 Reps, Rest 90 Sec- 2 Min

The purpose of this exercise again is to achieve maximum height. You can use a back board, try to touch ribs or whatever you have.

There are a few types of doing it. You can either do a vertical jump, one step jump or a three step jump.

Perform the exercises the best way don’t rush in between reps, the purpose is to jump the highest, you can possible.

All of the six exercises will help you to incresae your vertical jump, you can perform the workouts 3 times a week giving a week rest in between every workday.

If, you are interested in imroving your vertical jump even more and become a better player. If, you are interested to see more detailed how to perform the exercises, you can take a look at both videos.

You can see the best vertical jump program or Vert Shock

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