How To Increase Your Vertical Jump At Home

Being an athlete myself, I remember struggling, when I was playing basketball and I wasn’t able to increase my vertical jump, which reflected on my performance and my confidence. The difference from now to back then is that, there are now tons of drills and materials, that are aimed to help you improve your vertical leap, so you can be able to dunk.

SO, we are gonna take a look at some ways, you can achieve that.

How To Increase Your Vertical Jump At Home?

Currently, there are many people at home and if you are one of them and you think, that, it’s not possible to do anything, you are wrong.

There are many things that can be applied in order to achieve great results.

vertical jump increase at home

Let’s get to the workouts, that are gonna have positive impact.

Exercises To Increase Vertical Leap

So, first we will take a look at 3 simple exercises, you can do at home to increase your vertical with multiple easy tips, that can be done at home. No special equipment is needed of fancy stuff and you can have really good progress by doing them.

  • Exercise 1. Plyometric Standing Box Squat.

You can use a table, bed, anything between 28 -36 inches high.

Do 3 sets of 8 -10 reps

Barely touch the platform, when coming down

This is really suitable for doing it at home or even at the gym, if you are there, as well as at school. When you take the box start squatting and touch touch it slightly. Ideally the box, chair or platform should be slightly below your knees.Go down and up and touch with your butt the platform, but barekly.

There should be symmetry your knees behind the toes and shoulders behind the kness and you keep going.

  • Exercise 2, Partial Box Squat

Do 3 sets of 8 – 10 reps

form is more important than speed

That’s the second drill. Now with the box, go halfway down and then six inches up. There should be again lower body symetry, your knees behind the toes and shoulders behind the knees.

Don’t go lower than half of the first drill, as there is ideally a parallel, everythig is fine. As you are performing the both exercises, both your arms need to be stretched forward and as you keep performing them, you are gonna feel pressure and a little bit of fatigue.

Then, take a small break, relax your body and remember that form is more important than speed.

  • Exercise 3. Box Squat With Jump

Do 3 sets of 8 – 10 reps

The third exercises is plyometric box squat to a small jump. Squat down and perform a small jump up and keep the process.

Your toes should be straight and ensure to keep the same position after, you jump and squat. By doing this exercise consistently every day with the same form. Reps are really important in basketball. Be consistent, perform the exercises every day. Now a big advantage is that there is a lot of information.

Make sure after consistent reps to perform the drills correctly in order to have better progress and to avoid any injuries, because you train the muscle in the wrong way.

So, these simple 3 drills are really good to perform, even when you are at home, get a chair, table, box or whatever you have available. Especially, the plyometric box squat will help you a lot for your vertical jump to see progress and keep track of your progress.

How To Increase Your Vertical Jump At Home Without Equipment

  • Drill #1. 3×6 Tuck Jumps

Now, lets take a look at some drills, that you don’t even need equipment or box and you can do outside, at home, at the gym or even at school. They are really well for exploding yourvertical jump to to reach the desired height.

When, you perform the tuck jumps, you need to minimze the ground time to minimum. Those drills will not only help your vertical leap, but also enhance your core, when you jump. it’s really important to the vertical jump motion. While you are in the air bring your knees to the chest

  • Drill #2 3×10 Split Jumps

When, you do the split jumps, best case would be to aim for height and maintaining the balance, while doing the exercise. Start in lunge position with one foot in front of the other and the way, you are gonna try to explode is by jumping as high as you can, throwing your arms up, when you jump and while you are in the air switching the feet with the other and this way keep doing it. Make sure you are well balanced do avoid injury and stick to it. This exercise is gonna have positive impact on your deceleration and the negative motion in your posterior chain and in your gluts.

  • Drill #3: 4 Broad Jump/ Vertical Jumps

This is the third exercise doing a broad jump vertical. It works on your two foot explosive power. Starting with two foot to a broad jump forward for distance, then once again a broad jump for distance forward and then straight to a vertical jump, you jump as high as you can with your arms exploding and your legs.

  • Drill #4 : Power skip 3×12

The last drill is the power skips, that’s a really good one if you are 1 foot jumper. Start on one foot to a power skip fluid movement utillizing your off foot knee to get you in the air high. If you take off from your left foot, you are going to use your right knee to drive you up in the air to get you to thehighest vertical jump possibly by bringing the knee as high as you can. Be focused to drive the knee to the air as well as your both hands for explosivness. If you start with the right foot, then you propel the right knee high as you can with your arms up in the air. While the other legs, you have started with is hanging.

When, you use all exercises or even others, make sure to rest in between every set at least 1 to 3 minutesas this will help you to get your maximum vertical jump and maximum explosive power during your trainings.

You can read more articles or if you are interested in a program, that can really help your vertical jump and your athleticism, I would recommend you to take a look at Vert Shock. It’s a program by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington also known as Jus Fly

How To Increase Your Vertical Jump For Basketball

So far above, we went through several exercises, you can apply, but there are also many other ways like vertical jump programs as they are more detailed and contain many more exercises and show you the ways experience positive outcomes.

How To Increase Your Vertical Jump For Volleyball

Actually, I can’t find a lot of information for voleyball, but similar approaches will help you to skyrocket your vertical. THere is shortage of information for voleyball, maybe, because, it’s not as important as it is in basketball, I don’t know ,because I haven’t played voleyball.

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