Dennis Rodman Vertical Jump

When, we talk about the vertical jumps of different players, we are really focused on talking about popular players in general, because that’s what majority of the people are interested and looking at to get motivation.

Furthermore most of the players with the highest vertical are popular players anyway, not all of them, but majority of them. There are even short players with really high vertical leap, but they are not the rule.

That’s why today, we are gonna take a look at Dennis Rodman, as he is very popular and not like the usual NBA players, he is more interesting with how he looks & his achievements more importantly.

He as really popular back in the days, not that much anymore, because he is an old school player like Michael Jordan and others, but still many people remember him & find it interesting how much he can jump.

So lets get into some more details about him and a little bit more information about him, so you can learn more about him.

What is known so far that his wingspan is 7’8″ and the vertical jump of him is 38 inches.

Dennis Rodman also known as Тhe Worm was known to be very good in the game, even though he was not that good back in high school, while he was playing.

He had trained really hard and was dedicated, which helped him to increase his vertical jump, speed and his technique, as well as other skills.

He wasn’t famous for being the tallest, neither from the highest vertical jumps in the NBA history, but he was able to be better at other things in the game, who are more athletic and bigger.

Most likely, you have seen him playing and you can see how consistent he is in the game. He is always playing even in cases, when there is no much chance to win.

You can see part of his style below on the video.

The way of playing he had allowed him to achieve many things in his basketball career, even though he wasn’t considered as a gifted talent, but he had a lot of success while playing.

From Hall of Shame to 2 times All Star, 2 All NBA Team, 8 times All Defensive Team, 7 NBA Rebounding Champion, two times defensive player of the year and 5 times NBA Champion from which 3 with Chicago and 2 with Detroit.

All these success from a player who h as been drafted in the second round back in 1986 NBA Draft from Southeastern Oklahoma State.

Dennis Rodman Details

Lets dive into some details about his Wingspan, weight & height.

Dennis Rodman has been known widely for the things, he is really good at and they include, defense and rebounding.

He was sent really often to defend the top scoring frontcourt player from the other team. Despite, if the opponent is bigger and weights a lot more, Rodman has done great job most of the times.

His Stats:

  • Height: 6’7
  • His weight varies, but he was 210 in his early career, which went to 225 and became more muscular.

He at his height used to receive 7 average rebounds in a game, which is not really common.

While in this time, Michael Jordan with Chicago Bulls won three championships and he did 15 rebounds on average.

He used to be really quick and had good vertical jump, as mentioned earlier he had wingspan of 7’2 on average, compared to his height at 6’7 against opponents of 7 feet tall.

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Dennis Rodman Vertical Jump

We mention a lot of things about Rodman, but the focus is mostly on the vertical jump. His vertical is underrated, because he jumps a lot more than the players for his height at 6’7.

The last stats on the internet about Rodman’s vertical jump are til 1999.

Most people claim that the vertical he has is around 35 inches.

On 6’7 he compete really good vs players who are really tall, even 3 inches taller than him and weight more, even more athletic.

When, you are shorter you need to compensate with other skills. His vertical is great, but he has other good skills too.

There are types of vertical jumps according to some people.

  • Vertical jump – In a lot of cases, you would need higher vertical jump and to be taller in order to perform better against taller players, unless you compensate with other skills. Most players in NBA have at least 30 inches, unless you have a lot of other skills.
  • Broad jump – This is something most athletes are capable of, especially Dennis, you might have seen him. It’s a good factor to measure how much ground, he is able to cover horizontally. Despite the fact, we are talking about vertical mostly, a lot of players ignore the horizontal jumps, which help you to pass big distances. By doing that, you will be able to get better angle on the defender from your team who goes straight up.

Of course there are other important things like long wingspan, there are also second and third jump, when you do vertical, but most people focus on only 1 jump, there are NBA players that do 3-4-rd jumps, as they will touch the ball many times and make their vertical jumps in a unique way and jump, if not the same as the first, high enough. While most people focus only on the one vertical jump.

Good conditioning. Even though, you might not be able to better than the popular players, if every defensive position, you will see how much you need to perform. In order to be capable of jumping more than your opponents, you need to really good shape, if you are small and lighter player.

There is no other way, so to be in good shape and having more energy is important to increase your vertical with 4 more inches.

If, you are not big enough like the others, you can be better in other skills.

In Rodman’s scenario, it is mix of variety of ways to jump more than the opponents, vertically or horizontally without using wing span or perfect conditioning and jumping methods, there are many ways.

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Is Dennis Rodman Good At The Game ?

In 5 of the games, he had, he did around 30 rebounds as well as around 160 games of 20 of 20+ rebounds in the game. The next highest athlete is with 82 games of 20 rebounds.

As the main thing is the consistency of work and this powered by his persistence, which never ends and really good condition.

If, you are in good shape, you will not tired that often, because being in shape means your body is good and you can do more things.

For example after a Game, Dennis keep exercising and does more training.

His good shape gives him opportunity to work on his abilities, mostly vertical skills, so he can jump more than his opponents.

He has had great work ethic through the years, which helped him to have good angels to achieve the ball, when competing with the opponents.


We can came to the verdict that Dennis used to play really well and energetic.

He has compilation of skills and his jumping skills are really good, good explosiveness and strong body.

Despite the fact, that his vertical wasn’t from the highest, because he was shorter than some of the players.

When, you are being shorter, it’s good to aim to jump higher, it will be harder, eventually, you can do improve other skills.

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