BoingVERT Review

Is, it really possible to your vertical jump by the shocking 12 inches in 12 WEEKS ?

I don’t know, but that’s exactly what BoingVERT can maybe help you to achieve.

Usually, you can improve your vertical jump by a lot, but you need the right exercises and to be persistant.

Becoming a better dunker is absolutely possible as well as skyrocketing your vertical jump, no matter how tall you are. For example, you can see a 5’4 dunker below, so everything is possible, but now let’s get into this BoingVERT review.

What Is BoingVert ?

As, most people who want to jump higher, become a better dunker and increase your vertical leap, you have arrived here.

BoingVERT in a nutshell is basketball training program, which is intended to make you a better dunker, claims that it can help you to increase it by 12 inches.

It is created by the head athletic director of Harvard University. It’s a good program and made in a way, so you can follow it and it’s 12 weeks and it is 4 phases long.

There are people who have became better dunkers by taking BoingVERT and got good results with it, but I personally got better results with another vertical jump program, that I will mentioned at the bottom of the article.

boingvert review

BoingVERT can also help you with increasing your vertical jump to become better dunker, I personally increased mine with 3 inches, while with using the other vertical jump program, I managed to increase with 6 inches.

Anyway, if you want to be better dunker and jump higher, you must take action and decide, but I personally prefer another one, that I will mentioned. If, you want to become a dunker, you must be consistent no matter, which program, you will choose.

In order to develop your full potential you must follow the program, that you have chosen.

It’s fact that, there are many athlets who have used BoingVERY and they reached amazing results as, they will help you inside how to dunk better, but a lot of the people started too late and wished they could be younger, because you will have a lot more potential and energy, when you are younger, but it is never too late anyway. There are basketball players, who has started playing profesisonally later, but it’s better to start earlier

Some inches can make a big difference, because it sports it can have much difference. There are also other athlets that play a lot basketball and they are very happy, that they have tried BoingVERT, but when I personally compare it with the other program, that I will mention later, it is made by two professional dunkers, one of them is the best dunker in the world

Once again, I will mention the program at the bottom of this BoingVERT review.

You must take action, as both programs in my personal opition will contribute positive results and you will not regret, both are very detailed, I just managed to increse my vertical jump and dunking abilities with the other one, as there are also revealed some secret strategies.

BoingVERT Review – Details About It

You can improve your vertical with the vertical accelerator, as BoingVERT is a proven product, specifically designed to improve your jump skills and your overall skills, improving vertical jump.

You can improve your landing absorption up to 8 times of anyone bodyweight, increase power transfer time in ground support phase of the plant and jump to get most of force development to 600 milliseconds and improve transition time between eccentric and concentric actions all with fast onset after the first multiple parts of the program.

Inside is discussed and you wil learn how landing absorption can be increased up to a lot of time 5-10 times one’s body weight. How to improve power transfer time in the ground support phase of plant and jump for most force development to 800 milliseconds and grow transition time in the middle of eccentric and concetric actions , all of that with fast onset after the first parts of the program.

boingvert review

BoingVERY is made by using clinically supported research, which has been tested on athletes in amateur and professional levels. The program is also used by professional dunkers as we mentioned previously.

Shawn Myszka is the creator and this innovation and jump research. Only one of the more than 50 exercises inside the program is proven to incresae vertical jump by a certain way of improving force absorption load with improvement of TTT also know as total time transfer.

it is often correlated with high performing jumpers.

Why BoingVERT Is Interesting To Try?

There are many reasons, why something should be tried, but this vertical program is based on clinical research and a lot of years case studies are combined to create the science driven program BoingVERT system.

Just one of the many around 50 exercises and workout is believed that incresae vertical jump, as well as the total time transfer time.

This is the first time in the area of improving vertical jump, when you are not required to perform the certain products for months or even years for results. It’s claimed that BoingVERT can bring results in 4 weeks or even less, but actually this is also common with other vertical jump programs..

It is also made in a way, so you will be safe and avoid injuries as much as possible, you can perform it it safe way.

Inside Of BoingVert

PHASE I – Basic Physical Preparation

The time of the first part is 3 weeks, as the workouts in this part are made to be performed 3 times a week with at least one day of resting in the middle of the sessions.

This part will help you and will be the foundation to your journey to jumping higher. This part of BoingVERT is made to make you adaptable to demands, which you will be under while the progressions of the part come.

Additionlly the workouts and the actual performance will be beneficial to improve your stabilization of all your musculature and very important when you do jump specific tasks.

It will change the imbalances in the muscles and dysfunctions and add strength to your qualities. A lot of people who have seen and performed the exercises and corresponding variables included in ths part has felt as , they can jump alot without doing the 3 week phase.

But, this is very improtant part of BoingVERT, especially for beginners. This phase will set you up for more intense periods and begin for helping you to achieve biomechanical and neuromuscular efficiency while the the second phase Jump Mastery.

This phase of the program is good for good levels of flexibility, postural control and be stable. More advanced jumpers may skip it, but it’s good to perform it anyway.

PHASE II – Jump Mastery

The second pat of BoingVERT is also very important, because it will benefit to you for your self optimization of your jumping movement pattern, as it is named “Jump Mastery”.

Researches and analysis has proven that jumping performance is gonna be affected a lot by the ability to provide maximum levels of force in the appropriante instant of time while doing the specific jump tasks.

This will be in the place during the right interaction between synergistic and agonist groups of muscles in the right way pattern and allowing for relaxation of the muscle groups, that will speed of movement and your jump performance.

As with anything else, we practise, no matter what, achieving perfection is the best case in order to be the best, which takes focus and persistancy. With this Jump Mastery module, there is no difference.

And this part of the program is 2 weeks as the work outs in the BoigVERT system are designed to be done in 4 days of every week. meaning, you will have done total 8 mastery training sessions.

You can schedule the workouts on your desired days of the week, but the best option is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, works the best for most people.

Additionally, protocol of lower leg volume will be reduced down to each other day, till the 4 phase. No additional core work will have to be done untull phase 4 too.

It’s claimed that this phase is the most important of all, that you will have to do. No matter how good currently, you are are a player, your skill movement optimization is a constant process, which needs more attention.

This will be a good way to enhance your movement patterns to be the perfect as much as they can.

Our working effect of movement chances all the time and it is important and the key thing to the transfer any gains in qualities, which are physical is the remaining part of the program in the last phase and in this one.

PHASE III – Force Absorption

This is the third part of BoigVERT system, which also is focused on a lot of important factors in order to jump higher and move faster.

As the skills to absorb and fast stabilize more amount of force is important. That’s often overlooked by a lot of people, as a lot of them aim to take off the parts of movements, than emphasizing the skill to get more amounts of force.

Some people say that the way we take off will be determined by how good we land, absorb forces and plant. One of the best sport scientists in the history of the basketball industry, Yuri Verkhoshansky has been one of the firsted who knew this important thing.

He has een a soviet scientist and coach in jumping who realized the athletes who were the best jumeprs were also the ones who had great amount of eccentric ability and strength, also quicker ground contract times.

Not, only that, he claimed that while doing his research the heavy strength training is enver the answer of chievement of better jumping rsults.

Then, he came to the conclusion of developing to use numerous of exercises, which emphasized the eccentric actions, that used to correspond to the jumping tasks. The certain exercises are still some of the most powerful tools in achiving better jump performances.

The terms of those exercises are now called plyometric exercises, but only little of them are used a lot while doing the BoingVERT jumping system. SOme of them are important to the success of some of the best russian sports training protocols, that finished to be dominant for a lot of years.

Some of the phase has here in the BoingVERT Jump System, there are training protocol to these that has been used for amazing preparation physically in the Soviet Union.

That’s a 3 week part of the program and the drills in the absorption phase of BoingVERT have been made to be done 3days a week. The LOWER Leg protocol will be done on every other day schedule.

Landing is claimed to be major factor to certainly this part of the system, but also in the long term success in jumping higher.

It’s good to aim to landing perfection. In this particular part, it is important, because, you will have to absort forces, which have supermaximal challenge for your body.

The remaining parts of this phase are a lot longer than it is in the other phases. There is a reason for that and it is that absorption of force are a lot more hard for the nervous system, that it is for a lot other training processes.

Keep in mind that our nervous system needs 3 even 4 times the duration of time to recover, than our muscular system.

PHASE IV – Rate of Force Development/Jump Acceleration

And now, we are here at the phase 4 of BoingVERY jump system made to focus ot utilizing the new movement efficiencies and amazing physical characteristis achieved in the first three phases.

Every exercise and workout in this part is specifically made to increase your jumping acceleration going through an increase in the rate of the force development as well as the continual emphasis on speed of the contraction of synergist groups of muscles in the normal force coupling pattern.

The duration of this phase is 3 weeks, with at least one day in the middle of training session. On your off days, you will have to complete core workouts and to increase your lower leg protocol .

PHASE V – Reactive Emphasis

The aim of the fifth part of BoingVERT Jump System is to increase the general reactive strength abilities of you. Not the usual reactive strength some people may think, but a lot different, the ability to properly start, stop and change direction, when performing jumping movements.

This phase of the program is 3 weeks, and you have to perform it 2 times per week and the reason is that the drills in this part are extreme and plyometric intensity spectrum.

The exercises in this part will require you to significatly use and All the exercises should be performed at maximum speed and emphasis on short ground contact times.

PHASE VI – Jump Mastery

That’s the sixth and last part of BoingVERT Jump System and it is very similar to phase 2 and a big part of it is focused on the optimization of technique and efficiency.

This part of the program is 2 weeks, 4 days a week in this part, it aims to maximize your jumpig potential, like in the second part, you can choose any 4 days of the week that, you want to perform this training session.

The major difference between this part and the second is that this will go around a concet, that is referred as autoregulation. In a nutshell, this means that quantitative performance measure is utilized to determine how much you must do, when it comes to repetitions and general volume.

A good things about the program is that it is avaialble at 10 different languages.

In conclusion, I’d say that BoingVert is good product to improve your vertical jump in order for you to jump higher in basketball, but I personally would recommend you to take a look at because I got better results with it.

Or, if you are looking for some drills, that you can perform at home, without spending any money or at the park, you can see










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