Best 6 Vertical Jump Training Programs In 2021

You might be wondering what are the best training programs to improve your vertical jump in order for you to be able to have higher jump and be a better dunker.

Your vertical leaps can be improved by a lot of ways with stretches, exercises, some secrets, so you can become a dunking machine, but from all the training programs out there, which are the best ones and not scammy ?

Those, that have proven to work over the years and still work from professional NBA players, Dunkers.

While the average vertical jump is closely related to what an athlete does and how quality exercises he does according his body, you will learn how to maximize it and become a lot more stronger and explosiv with all the we are gonna review below.

So let’s take a look at them.

Best Vertical Jump Programs In 2021

1.Vert Shock

basketball training program to dunk and achieve vertical jump improvement

Vert Shock is the best of all programs to jump higher and improve your skills as a basketball player in my opinion. This vertical jump training program is designed by Adam Folker & Justin Jus Fly. Justin is one of the best dunkers in the world and Adam is an established basketball player.

It’s mainly focused around the vertical jump improvement & plyometric exercises, although it has really valuable basketball general tips from the both skilled players.

It’s duration is 8 weeks and it is believed to improve your vertical jump from 9 – 15 inches.

It’s one of the top performing programs, if not the best over the years with really high reputation, that has taken many players their vertical to the moon by 9 to 15 inches in less than weeks.

You can see more detailed Vert Shock Review from me or . It is among the most powerful training to become better and learn to dunk as well as increasing your explosivness.

This is the one, which I have used and mostly improved by skills and abilities in basketball.

There are 3 phases of the program in a nutshell :

  • The Pre‑Shock Phase
    • In the first 7 days of Vert Shock, you will guide you body to one of a kind movement pattern and workouts of the program. You don’t need to feel confused, it’s easy and it’s made in a perfect way to feel comfortable. All, you will go through in the Pre Shock Phase is based around one of a kind drills for jumping mixed with accurate sets and reps.And this Vert Shock Pre Shock phase is made to make your body fly and you should train 4 days in week for 30 minute for session.
  • The Shock Phase
    • THe second part of the program is made to push the limits.Now comes the shock process to make your body jump higher, than you have never imagined before. Here is the culmination. You will train on average 3 days per week for 40 minutes in a session. Every of your movements will targed the ignored elastic fibers. It’s critical for your body to explod, when you jump on this part of the program and that’s how gradually, you are gonna reach your maximum vertical jump velocity as well as make the elastic fibers stronger. After the six week, you will be able to leap more than before.
  • The Post Shock Phase
    • That’s the last part of the program. Think about it as the icing on top, here all your body has used to do in 1 and 2 becomes even more consistent in your muscle memory.Be prepared to raise up and do a massive dunk on command. THis phase, you train 4 days for 30 minutes a session. They removed the intensity this weel, so body can achieve a huge vertical jump. THat’s the most interesting part of the training. You will feel a lot more better on your feet, when you have made your elastic fibers stronger and like you have lifted a lot of weight from your shoulders.

After period of using it, people have experienced

  1. Improved Abilities To Jump Higher
  2. More muscle explosivness
  3. More flexibility

2. The Jump Manual

That’s another established one throughout the years, proven to give results and seocnd in my list.

jump manual vertical jump training program

If, you are interested in add 10 inches to your vertical jump, you can give a try to The Jump Manual By Jacob Hiller.

This is also a great program and you can apply it even if you play other sports.

There is a vertical leap training and exercises to help you jump higher. There is also 24/7 support, you can contact.

If, Jump Manual is what you need, click or our Jump Manual Review

It is based on more than 10 years of scientific research and placed the best exercises and tips. Already many athletes training basketball, voleybal mostly have used it to improve their vertical jump.

Jacob Hiller is the founder and he is not genetic jumper. In high School he has had 19 vertical and barely got in team. Now he jumps over 40 inches and he is one of the proven specialists.

He has trained from amatuer, pro and also olypmpic level players from 65 countries.

THat’s an established program and inside The Jump Manual, you will be taught exactly his protocol for getting 40+ vertical .

The biggest advantages of It:

  • It’s made on scientifically proven research and everything is tested.
  • Workouts related to your one of a kind jumping movement. This way you will double your results and you will learn how.
  • No generic drills,
  • Customized exercises to fit your body’s unique style of leap.
  • Rapid acceleration.

You will get familiar with the conjugate method, a specific way to train your muscles to become fast and also strong. If, you are fast that’s good, but they are also gonna shop you sequences for additional quickness and strenth both. It’s based on both plyometrics and weights.

There is also a part for explosive triggers, even if you perform tons of workouts in the right sequences, there is a possibility, you will not hit the accurate intensity levels for everyone.

Inside, the program, they will lay out for you triggers, you need to hit in every training to make your body jump more explosively.

3. BoingVert

That’s a recognizable program from most players.

boingvert review

It is designed in 12 weeks to hlep you gain up to 15 inches.

As most programs, you start as a beginner in moust cases, so it doesn’t matter.

  • how tall you are
  • how old you are
  • if you think you aren’t “athletic” 
  • if you think you have bad “genetics” 
  • if everyone doubts you 
  • what your body type is because it is appliable to most people.
  • If, you are one leg or two leg jumper

There are people who have benefited from the program and managed to dunk. Ther eis support everything, you need.

It is basically broken down to two sub programs.

  • BoingVert Animal Program, which is based on plyometrics only.
  • BoingVert Monster Program on the other hand on weight, strength exercises.

The animal consists:

  • 1-st Part is around basic warm up for physical exercises.
    • It’s 3 Weeks Long.
  • 2-nd is on Jump Mastery.
    • It lasts 2 weeks.
  • 3-rd – Force Absorption
    • It’s 3 Weeks.
  • 4-th Force Improvement/Jump Increasing
    • Duration 3 Weeks
  • 5-th – Reactive Emphasis
    • It’s 3 weeks.
  • 6-thJump Mastery
    • It’s 2 weeks.

You can see the more detailed BoingVert Review !

4. Air Alert

This is not a really popular training program, but it claims that it can improve your vertical jump.

It’s focused to help you:

  • Jump Higher
  • Run Faster
  • Become A Better Athlete

It’s a well known product and it is made in 1991, then it has been one of the best jump program out there, but now I personally think it’s pretty much outdated.

It has some good techniques, but overall, you need something more up to date.

Back then, it has been promoted in magazines and in the television for basketball players to become better.

It has been made by two NBA Players Baron Davis and Larry Hughes.

Inside the program there are a lot of outdated trainings related to weights, that’s another think I don’t like. Plyometrics are more effective usually.

It claims to increase your vertical by 8 to 14 inches, but I doubt this will happen mainly with weights.

5.Bounce Kit

bounce kit review

This as well as the previous one are not very popular programs, but I know people who have taken it.

The BounceKit program is a 12 week comprehensive program that gives you access to workouts, program updates and a community of members. More importantly, this program gives you exclusive access to Jordan Kilganon who will work with you throughout the program.

He is passionate about jumping higher and he is a slam dunker, he is not a fan of NBA, but reallypassionate about to jump as high as possible to slam the ball. When he has been 15, he practised on eight foot rims and worked to nine feet and now he is at top level.

I can’t give you information about it, because I haven’t tried it, but only heard opinios that it is good, but according to most people Vert Shock outperforms it.

6. Vertical Explosion Training Program

That’s also a great one by Kurt Howard, a detailed training specifically designed to improve your explosivness, therefore your vertical, there are no weight involved.

You can see the Vertical Explosion Training Review.

vertical explosion training program

Kurt is a proven expert in what he teaches, because he is a professional athete as well and he lays out his tips to become better.

Which Vertical Jump Program To Pick ?

Depending on your needs and your weaknesses and to improve, you need to think about the following point:

  • What, you what to achieve ? It it more vertical leap or strength.

In best case, you would like to imrove all your skills including your explosivness and strength in order to become the athlete you want to be.

My Experience In Jumping Higher & My Vertical Jump

I’ve tried most of these vertical jump training programs for basketball and got the best results with Vert Shock and also The Jump Manual is not bad.

In 2021 and beyond, they will help you to jump higher and become better basketball player and have your vertical jump increased.

Conclusion About ALL These Vertical Jump Training Programs In 2021

I am not saying that any of them is bad, but the first two jumping programs gave me the best results, personally.

But in general, whatever, you choose of them, you will have to be consistent to get resuls with any of these jumping programs.

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