20 Best Basketball Shoes Under 100

When, you are looking for a certain shoes, you usually are usually looking for multiple things, but one of them should be the main criteria of your choice, because you are limited in some way, whether it’s from budget wise or whether you may have flat or wide feet or something else

In this case, you are looking for a reliable & good pair of basketball shoes under $100, this article is written for the average person that wants a good pair of basketball shoes under the certain amount.

You may assume, if the shoes are on budget, that they are unreliable, because a lot of things on budget can be like that, but for your luck, we have picked great shoes, you need to know about in order to have a chance to get superb sneakers for under $100.

I would say, most of the basketball shoes on the list give a lit more than the price, they are offered at. You might need them, while you are practicing or while, you are playing seriously, they are great for either way.

Here below, you will se all of the top 20 best basketball shoes under 100, after a lot of read reviews and opinions from people, who have played, testing etc. Making sure, that the one pair of them, you will get are reliable for under 100, because there is limiting thinking, that they are not.

That’s why it’s important not to hurry up, because in many cases you can react emotionally and get shoes that are advertised as expensive and really high quality and not meet your needs and on the other hand, this is the right approach, to read article towards this case in order to find quality shoes for not that expensive price.

So, if you are wondering,

Best Basketball Shoes Under 100

Below we are gonna listen around 20 of them, so you can make an informed decision about the ones, you have picked.

adidas Men’s Own The Game 2.0 Basketball Shoes

The first great shoes are the adidas own the game 2.0 shoes.

When it comes to these shoes, the simple appearance of them and the affordable price, they offer a lot of qualities.

They are comfortable, made mesh, which keeps your feet cool and dry, while you are playing. They are closed and provides heat on the toecap as well as the midfoot improves your stability and durability, at the same time the lace closure has more eyelets to have maximum support.

The amazing lightmotion midsole along with the important drop and thicker heel provides you good cushioning, because of the bellows like shape & responsiveness. At the same time these adidas basketball shoes have impressive adiwear non-marking rubber outsole, that gives you consistent traction.

Keep track when you get on the court with these basketball shoes from adidas, because the mesh upper provides you with amazing feeling.

They are made with recycled content and that’s good, because we can end the plastic waste like that, part of the pieces apart from that are used to make the upper with at least 50% recycled content.


  • Rubber sole
  • Offers you speed and ability for your shoes to breathe.
  • Locked Down feel, it supports yearns in adidas, unique lightlock upper makes you foot firmly
  • Flexible Upper and the upper is mesh, which provides you flexibility and comfort.
  • Adiwear outsole gives you amazinh high wear durability.
  • Being stable and having support in these shoes.


PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes Lou Williams Streetball Master Breathable

The next pair of cool shoes inside of the list, non slip outdoor ones. They have Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole, very well integrated weaving and hot melt process.

Integrated with high quality weaving and the melt to decrease the discomfort of the foot and give you comfortable wrapping as well as support.

The outsole from the streeball master is thick and very solid with deep traction pattern, which is nicely worn outdoors.

For the price listed, it offers also STA stability module, which rolls up on the outside of the forefoot and bulges outward, giving support for lateral movement of the foot and decreasing the chance of spraining.

Outdoor upgraded with wear-resistant rubber and by upgrading the rubber formula, the wear resistance is very improved, which helps for better adaptation to the conditions of plastic, cement and others.

By wearing them the experience is great, they are made very stylish, optimized and made for dynamic experience on the court. The very good protection and wear resistance and the high performance fits a lot of basketball player’s ethic.

So many positive reviews and for its price, it offers you many things.



  • Under $100 Price
  • Vinyl Acetate sole
  • Integrated weaving as well as hot melt process.
  • Peak STA module for stability.
  • Outdoor RB updated wear resistant rubber.
  • Very good sport experience.
  • Mostly satisfied reviews from customers


adidas Men’s Crazylight Boost Low Basketball Shoes

Adidas is a proven brand with its reliable features and these are the second shoes we are gonna take a look at, the crazylight boost.

They are very good basketball shoes for every player with planar fasciitis and usually shoes like these are offered for a very high price, but it’s already an older model and you can benefit from it’s amazing features for a price under 100 too.

They are very good at performance and they fit perfectly. They have a dual density rubber outsole and it has racing tire traction pattern.

The rubber in the midfoot is hard and soft on the forefoot as well on the heel and it has good amount of bite and grip for the indoor side and outdoor courts.

The dust pickup is as well minimal and the traction is perfect on all surfaces. It has boost cushioning as its high technology cushioning inside the adidas shoes.

As the cushion is not bad, it gives you additional thickness for the sole, as it’s firm cushion and the impact protection is very good. The materials in Adidas Crazylight Boost is primenent and it is soft and mesh uppers. It fits your shoes perfectly and gives customized fit. It is soft and flexible for stretching and there is no pinching and biting.


  • Completely Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Fabric lining
  • Lace-Up closure
  • It helps you remain energized.
  • Provides you comfortable textile lining, back collar for additional comfort.
  • Improved midfoot for more stability and ultimate lockdown.
  • Molded TPU eyestay part for more lockdown and stability.


Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap IV Basketball

The next pair of budget shoes are also from a popular brand, Nike and if you are wondering, what are the best basketball shoes under $100, these are from them.

You will be able to play quickly with the Kyrie Flytrap 4, shoe which is lightweight, gives you support and you are able to move inside of it flexible. The most recent addition to Kyrie, the flytrap has upgraded grip and more responsiveness. A big Zoom Air unit gives more energy than the previous model for comfort on t he court.

Internal forefoot band which helps you for stability for the footbed, when you are moving in and our. This certain model also utilizes additional durable outsole, which is very good for outdoor playing and courts.

Kyrie’s budget line has released from the best shoes for under 100 in the last years. The traction is not that great in outdoor courts, but it has many other advantages.

The cushion technology gives good feeling, when you are playing on the court, but it lacks protection with very stiff phylon midsole. The materials are very cheap to the touch, but feels good on the foot and does a great job, when it comes to performance.

The fit is similar like with the other Kyrie models with narrow and snug fit. It is suggested to get half a size up, if you have wider foot. These basketball shoes provide very good support and the reviews of them are very positive.

They are very good shoes for guards and affordable, no wonders they are inside this list and they give good support and cushioning.


  • Synthetic
  • Rubber
  • Multiple Colors & Designs


Nike KD Trey 5 IX

Тhese are the following shoes on the list, popular brand, great looking with rubber sole and with the Nike new technology that mixes soft inner core of foam around of it firmer foam for springy and cushioning.

Zoom air unit, which absorbs force and gives back energy with each step. They are lightweight, layered mesh on the upper which vies security and ability to feel fit, they are made with structure in a way to be the most useful for you and more importantly your feet.

With the rubber outsole and sound save inspired traction pattern that helps you grip the court in multiple parts. The additional durable sole made for outdoor courts, circular outsole cut out along with Embroidered heel logo.

As Kevin Durant is regularly on the court, he is getting better every day. With the KD Trey 5 IX, they are made to keep you in a great condition and gives a cloud like comfort and comfort, that helps you stay fresh and focused.

They are offered in multiple colors: Black, Bright Crimson, White and Red as the KD Trey 5IX has black lightweight mesh upper with crimson and red parts. That’s up to you what you will choose.


  • Colors: Black/White/Bright Crimson/University Red
  • Budget shoes under $100
  • Offer many features.


Under Armour Unisex-Adult Jet ’21 Basketball Shoes

Very popular brand for basketball shoes, which are Unisex, mix of mesh and perforated leather, gives you comfort, durability and ability to breathe.

Very good mesh tongue, allows ventilation and ability to breathe, plush ankle collar foam for more comfort and support.

Comfortable EVA midsole gives lightweight and reliable underfoot. Rubber outsole utilizes herringbone traction pattern for the most possible floor control and grip.

UA Jet are focused on performance and strive to deliver it to the limit. The EVA midsole provides you cushioning that you will need and the classic leather upper looks amazing as well as off the court not only on it.

There are many benefits from the Under Armour Jet 21 Basketball Shoes.


  • Fits in the rage till 100
  • Under Armour has a mission to make all athletes better, with their innovation.
  • They have great technology behind, complex technology.
  • Under Armour has great history, started with making T-shirt.
  • The technology behind the brand offers amazing products and in this particular case shoes.


adidas Unisex-Adult Dame 8 Basketball Shoe

The next shoes are also from the popular brands, it is with rubber and synthetic sole, the Damian Lillard B-ball shoes along with dual density midsole support.

The upper is durable and the textile upper gives you comfort, the bounce bro dual density cushioning is giving perfect combination of energy return and support.

They offer high traction, the rubber outsole gives very good grip & also the shoes are partially made from recycled content, product waste and after consumer household things to avoid the larger problem with the environment.

The Damian Lillard’s shoes speak for themself, they are really high quality at affordable price, that’s why we picked them in the list for the basketball shoes under $100.

You will feel lightweight with the midsole and the rubber outsole grips the hardwood for each cut and move you make.


  • Unisex basketball shoes, especially, if you are fan of Damian Lillard.
  • Flexible upper side, the textile is soft and comfortable.
  • Provides cushioning and perfect ration of different things in combination.
  • The rubber outsole gives amazing grip.
  • Made with recycled content.
  • Affordable Shoes
  • Reliable.


ASHION Mens Basketball Shoes Lightweight Breathable Sneakers Anti Slip Sports Shoes for Running Walking

The next great shoes fitting our budget also have rubber outsole, they provide you strong ground holding in for playing outdoor to increase your performance on the court and increase your chances of being better.

Not only that, but they are also durable and anti slip, they have rubber outsole to provide underfoot cushioning and the support needed, they provide you comfortable environment and protection for your foot.

The upper is with venting holes, for your feet ability to breathe with textile upper to make you even more comfortable, when you are running and show your skills in the basketball ground.

Also the insole provides comfort, it has wider than the average toe box to have room for your feet to breathe and enough to for improving your game and be stronger.

Very good for outdoor training, these shoes not only are stylish and at good price, but you can use them for walking, hiking, climbing and other activities as well.


  • Rubber sole
  • Under 100
  • Anti Slip & Durable
  • The Upper with Venting Holes
  • Comfortable insole
  • Very good for Outdoor Multisport Training


Nike Lebron 19 Low Basketball Shoes

LeBron is from the legendary players and these shoes are perfect representation of him, they are made in a way to take your game to the next level. He did his 19th signature on for these shoes, the shoes give lighter feeling, good design and they are perfect for fast and strong players who can be also flexible.

The shoe uses enhanced materials. A lot of people who have worn these shoes mention, they are a lot of comfortable, especially around the heel and ankle area. About the support and stability, the cushion customization used makes the shoes in a very good way not to have flaws.

The Nike LeBron 19 Low baketball shoes have been picked by many NBA players the Los Lakers star, LeBron James and others like Jusuf Nurkic.


  • Thick and visible Max Air unit softens your heel when it hits the floor.
  • Maximum length Nike – React foam is soft and reliable.
  • Light and Strong.
  • Woven material on the upper is lightweight and stable.
  • Foam collar.
  • Rubber outsole.


adidas Unisex-Adult D.O.N. Issue 3

Synthetic and rubber with rubber sole sole. These are the other good basketball shoes under 100 dollars, especially if you are Donovan Mitchell fan.

Adidas as a top brand performer, the adidas molds are next class, when it comes to speed with super amazing light midsole made for dynamic lightweight movement.

The upper is flexible with soft textile, stretchy as well. Textile lining gives soft feeling & high traction rubber outsole that gives you good grip.

These are the third signature adidas basketball shoes from Donovan Mitchell, as he is one of the best players. That’s why, they are called D.O.N Issue Number 3 as they are very good shoes, they are sign of Donovan’s top position.


  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure with elastic strap
  • Textile upper branded along with Donovan Mitchell “Spida” logo
  • Abrasion resistant TPU toe cap
  • Lightstrike cushioning
  • Heel band as well as lateral-side TPU
  • Rubber outsole
  • Imported
  • Multiple Colors from Team Navy / Cloud White / Crew Navy


Adidas unisex-adult dame 7 extply

Maintaining your game and being at the top is not easy, the Dame 7 Extply shoes from adidas Basketball combine Damian Lillard’s passion and being an inspiration for many. Every part of the shoes are made in an amazing way.

The shoes are made with recycled content in order to have the plan to avoid the plastic waste, 20% of the things used to make the upper is with at least 50% recycled content.

They are offered in multiple colors, imported, the outsole is rubber, amazing comfort, the knit upper is with synthetic support, lace closure.


  • Completely Textile Synthetics
  • Rubber sole
  • Basketball shoes for adults, made for you to be flexible.
  • Lightweight textile upper that gives flexibility.
  • Adidas lightstrike is taking things to the next level with super light midsole, made for dynamic movement and rubber outsole for traction.
  • Universal, unisex for both genders, but women should get 1 or 1.5 size down than the men’s size.


Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoe

These are the next shoes on the list again the UA, because they are proven brand for their quality, light and comfortable, making them very suitable, when you are playing.

The mesh gives you the ability to breathe, synthetic overlays for even more support and durability, the perforations are made in a way to have more ventilation TPU film toe car for additional security for your feet.

There is air mesh tongue for even more ability to breathe and be comfortable as well as plush sockliner that maintains the shape for more comfort.

The EVA midsole gives lightweight being more comfortable., solid rubber outsole, that is consistent with herringbone traction pattern for you to be in more control, when you move.

Under Armour Lockdown 5 is proven to have good performance and on top of everything they are good budget. They perform very well, at the same level, only a little bit better than some more expensive ones. They are suitable for many activities other than basketball.


  • They have rubber sole.
  • Breathable mesh with synthetic overlays.
  • Made in a way to have more ventilation.
  • Provides you with good protection and durability.
  • Air mesh tongue for having more breathe and be comfortable.
  • Perfect traction
  • Consistent comfort.
  • Structure for more support.
  • Suitable for outdoor


adidas Men’s Postmove Mid Basketball Shoe

These are the next ones and they are again adidas, really stylish and comfortable, they look very suitable for sport and the overlays are great, old school style with upgraded appearance, the cloudfoam gives more comfort and the Geofit collar fits around your ankles to make you feel really comfortable.

Lace closure with hook and loop top strap, the upper is with synthetic leather, textile lining, cloudfoam super midsole, offered in multiple colors.

According to many customer reviews, they fit really well and they are comfortable, from many shoes they have worn, they really like this pair of shoes.


  • They are either imported or made in the USA
  • Rubber sole
  • Men’s basketball shoes with lightweight padding
  • Synthetic leather and Geofit padded collar provides you comfort
  • Comfortable midsole: Cloudfoam Super midsole for additional comfort and next level cushioning
  • RUBBER CUPSOLE: The three quarter rubber cupsole give amazing grip and an awesome look.
  • Made with recycled content. They are partially made with recycled content that is acquired from production waste and postconsumer usage in the household.


Avia 830 Men’s Basketball Shoes

They have rubber sole, men shoes, the Avia 830 were released back in the 1980, during this time some of the greatest players have played that we remember till now.

They have been released again, they are very high performance shoes, lightweight as they should be. Completely grain leather upper, double stitched overlays and TPU heel counter to give you support. At the same time the perforations are really important to have flow and to keep the foot comfortable.

Groundbreaking padded collar, very sophisticated part of the 830, the one of a kind padded collar gives a lot of ankle support and good comfort.

Amazing traction, really high quality rubber outsole along with cup wall gives support for the lateral movement and many other benefits, deep herringbone forefoot tread gives additional traction.

Feeling comfortable, complete internal eva midsole and sock liner that can be removed adds long term comfort and the forefront flex grooves and hollow pivot point gives you softness and being able to be flexible ability.


  • Retro Style.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Affordable Price.
  • A lot of sizes available.
  • Multiple Colors.


Nike Kyrie 5 Low

These pair of shoes are one of my favorite, because they look great, but not only that, but they are also made for quick game and allows you as a player to be on your full potential and multi part ability to be in control, while you are taking advantage over the other players.

They fit like a glove, the laces will make you foot to feel very comfortable inside the shoes, when you tighten them and you will feel a lot more secure inside.

Reliable feeling on the ground, the foam inside the midsole has a very soft feeling and it helps the player to be low and improve the court feeling and to be more explosive.

They have great traction, it is computer generated outsole and it lets you accelerate rapidly, slowing down and switching the direction and helping you to be in control and comfort.

Along with all the advantages it offers, they are at reasonable price with all the amazing features, it offers you.


  • Mesh upper
  • Soft midsole providing smooth and helping the player to feel better on the ground.
  • Lace closure
  • Swoosh logo
  • Good looking


Under Armour Unisex-Adult Lockdown 6

Stable leather upper having mesh panels for more ability to breathe and comfort.

Plush foam sockliner for more underfoot comfort, the EVA midsole gives you lightweight and reliability.

The outsole is also durable with herringbone traction pattern for more flexibility on the court, when you are playing.

They are great looking for under 100 dollars, also they are comfortable, light and many other advantages.

Not only the ones, we mentioned like EVA midsole, lace up closure, plush foam sockliner, sturdy leather upper with mesh parts and strong solid rubber outsole wit the traction pattern as mentioned.


  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Under Armour are on the mission to help all athletes to be better with the design and their innovation they are making so far.
  • The technology they have used has a lot of elements and they hare many benefits.
  • As we previously mentioned they have great T-shirt history.
  • There is variety of choice, these shoes are unisex for example, there are many others, there are for men and men, whatever people need is available.
  • Budget Price.


adidas Unisex-Adult Pro N3xt 2021

One of the shoes that’s also worth taking a look at are the adidas Unisex Adult Pro N3XT 2021, they are very good performer, they are very good if you want low to ground shoe with amazing traction.

The traction pattern is two sectioned starting from the midfoot to the forefoot as there is wave bone pattern that has flex grooves in all the places.

Not only that, but they are provide cushioning like a good pair of shoes should. The materials used to make the shoes are of tightly knit textile, the heel part is from cheap felt material. The two lateral sides are covered by two layers as the first is airy mesh and the top is thick fuse.

Also other great thing like most of the adidas basketball shoes, they fit very well and variety of sizes are offered. They are cozy and the materials are nice on your foot without free space, they fit perfectly.

Being that comfortable, they offer support, they are not that wide inside, but for the price of what they cost, they are great.


  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight shoes with locked down feel.
  • Quality upper: Textile upper gives you comfort.
  • BOUNCE: Lightweight Bounce cushioning gives you improved flexibility.
  • HIGH TRACTION: The rubber outsole delivers very good grip


Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV

In my opinion these are from the shoes, that I really like at first look, they look fresh and very regular, but they are very comfortable with very breathe looking appearance.

The Lebron Witness IV shoes are suitable for both indoor and outdoor, they look like they are regular shoes, there are different sizes of them.


  • Good appearance, matching with a lot variety of clothes.
  • Good traction for variety of courts.
  • Having durability.
  • Very good for allowing your shoes to breathe.
  • Light and very suitable for quick guard play.


  • A little bit over our budget, these are the only shoes on the list that don’t match the criteria the best basketball shoes under 100

PUMA Mens Clyde Hardwood

One of the lastest shoes, we are gonna take a look at are from the brand PUMA, becauase we don’t have on the list others, I think they are a good addition for cheap basketball shoes under $100 and they have signature from Walt Clyde Fraizer.

He is a little bit older player and if you look at the shoes, they are considered with vintage appearance according to many people.

.Made with Pro Foam midsole, that helps you to get more energy return to make rebounds as well as takeoff. It contains forefoot webbing, which supports to have stable performance, when you are playing.

These shoes are very good for that price, if you are on budget, cheap and quality shoes, like all the others on the list so far. It h as unique feature and it is the choice to use the shoe as slip on for removal with ease.


  • Budget Shoes
  • So many positive reviews
  • They are made with very good materials.
  • They have vintage appearance.
  • Low top shoe that is comfortable to be worn.


LZDZN Mens Basketball Shoes

We haven’t looked at LZDZN so far.
The LZDZN shoes have rubber sole, suitable for athletes, especially in basketball. They are provided in multiple sizes.

The good part about having a rubber sole is that it increases the friction between the sole and ground to give torsional hardness and amazing lateral movement and very important to have stability.

They are very well made to protect you, when you exercise, you are on the court or you are walking on a slippery floor. The appearance is different than the other shoes with high top sock design to protect your ankles and feet in order to not have injuries and to minimize them.

The insole is soft and gives you good amount of softness and at the same time allowing your feet to breathe and by dry through the day.

They are very good for many cases from running, riding, jogging, workout, exercising, gym, traveling and many more.


  • Rubber sole
  • Looking Unique
  • Good Price
  • One of a kind design.
  • Soft Insole.


After so many shoes, we listed, collected reviews from sites, interviews with professional players, videos, we have compiled everything in one article, adding our personal experience and opinion about top basketball shoes on budget.

We did that, because each basketball shoe has a lot of different things for every player and even position.

For example, if you are a guard one pair of shoes will not be very well for heavy centers, that’s why there are so many specific styles in each aspect to pick from.

Like we mentioned in the beginning, buying cheaper in this case the best basketball shoes under 100 doesn’t men you will make compromises related with qualities, because that’s common myth.

Some shoes are performing better at certain circumstances and others at others.

Next to every shoes, there are the features listed to get reliable pair of basketball shoes.

Below, you will see the most common criteria, when you are looking to fit your requirements, because even though here, you are looking to match the price, you maybe want other, you will recognize below and pick the right one above.


It will be right to say that having stability of your shoes is very important, if not the most important of everything and in this aspect this doesn’t exclude your shoes.

100+ years ago, most of the players used to play with runner shoes in the basketball games, but they are usually made for only straight line sports.

For basketball and in not only, they should be able to support your feet and give you that stability, so when you play to feel very safe.

The rubber is the part that comes at a very important part to add stability in every side and lateral retention. It helps your feet on the footbed to not be prone for slippage of your heel.

Furthermore the shoes made for basketball players also in general most have additional midfoot cushioning for every player with high or low archpad under your midfoot, it gives additional support to the Achilles, which also helps you to prevent injuries like tendonitis.

To have the shoes even more support, a lot of high technology basketball shoes posses total shank plate or in other cases shank plate on the midfoot, that gives the foot more stability, which prevents your foot and makes it safe from bending while you do circle movements.

And another important thing on the back of pair of the shoes, there is internal heel counter and good amount of padding to make your ankle area safe. In the back of the shoes, there are three collar areas, low top, mid-top as well as high top.

It is usual understanding, when the there is higher collar area provide more protection for the ankle, but on the other sides a lot of fast players prefer low top shoes, because it gives them more freedom for moving.

That’s why it’s very important to choose the best basketball shoes under $100 dollars in order to fit your eventual orthotics and provide you stability on the court or during training.


When it comes to durability, usually the more you play, the less they are gonna last, therefore, they are made to be light on the feet and to be fast enough, when you are playing on the court.

In the past, there were a lot of running shoes, that lasted long, even a lot of sessions.

Most of the basketball shoes are made to last a certain period of time, but now a lot of brands are improving the durability with time, by designing the outsole to be thick and have durable top mesh.

That’s why this component is very important, when it comes to look for durability, so your shoes can be reliable enough. 


That’s other important part of choosing the right shoe for you, to have protection is part of the qualities,

When, you are not that experienced, you will need to train a lot on both sides of the court to become better.

Because, there can be a lot of strain on the feet, if you are not wearing cushion shoes with good amount of pad to absorb and good give impact on your foot to feel more fresh.

My personal advice would be to never get a basketball shoes with bad cushions or no protection.

Fortunately a lot of popular brands have done very good the midsoles in the shoes, so you can pick for the certain way of playing you do. 


That’s the third important part of your shoes, you will pick, there are two choices rubber outsole and translucent, it’s easy to know how the shoes will perform based on the traction pattern.

When it comes to the outsole durability, they have differences and have different effect according whether you are indoor or on the outdoor court.

In most cases, the most common is the rubber outsole, because is has good grip on the indoor and even outdoor, compared to the translucent outsole.

So, the rubber outsole usually has more reliable durability, so when you are looking for budget shoes, it’s a lot better to go for the rubber outsole, because it also lasts a lot longer.


Now the third element depends a lot on your personal preferences, but there are a lot of designs, variety of them, modern in a subjective way sneakers and elegant, so that’s up to you.

Here is your personal choice to get a pair of them that looks good and you will eventually feel better in them, by playing in stylish way with them in order to feel a lot more confident.

Ability to Breathe

Years ago, leather was used a lot in the shoes as upper material, but now most of t he brands are focusing on producing lightweight and the least amount possible material to have airflow through the shoes to feel for your foot better.

Because if your shoe is not breathable, it will have a lot of heat and you will have sweating problems, which leads to dehydration. That’s why to have the best results possible, you need to have this element of breathable basketball shoes fitting your range in the category of the best basketball shoes under $100.


The last element in my opinion is really important too, because that’s critical to have it in order to feel well in your body. Because the shoes can look good and match other features, but weird feeling can cause discomfort, that you don’t want.

That’s why you need to know what exactly you are looking for, if you have wider foot or more narrow.

Usually snug fit shoe is better for almost every player, because you will not have heel slippage and you will have the foot on the footbed.

And something in general, if you have wide feet, then take half a size more than your actual one, because getting the real size shoes will be great for medium or narrow feet.

How To Get The Most Reasonable Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

Below we have prepared some tips, you can keep in mind, when you are picking them, although we have covered a lot so far.


The most recent shoes are cheaper at the retail shops, when it’s a certain season of the year.

Like most products the prices drop on Black Friday’s, New Years etc.

They usually sell the old stock right before the season, so generally, if you wanna get the best basketball shoe, you need to be prepared on the sale seasons, when the retailer drops the price of the product.

Furthermore when they release new shoes, they decrease the price of the ones that are already on the market or with same color, maybe you have noticed that some colors are different prices.


Sometimes it happens, when a lot of new shoes come out on the market, some older great shoes don’t get noticed.

Usually basketball shoes, which are a year or years are put at lower price at eCommerce sites like a lot of popular ones, which are still available out there.

If you are a big fan of popular basketball star and you want his signature on the shoes, you can get your favorite sneakers at a lot lower price.

Basketball Shoes Without Signature

Most of the popular manufactures make quality signature shoes with amazing technology, also without any relation to players.

Usually these type of shoes are also offered at a little bit lower price and they are great in general too, not having signature doesn’t define the shoes, unless you are really passionate about having such shoe.

if it’s not your main concern, you can buy non-signature sneakers, because they are also offered at lower price and the performance is like the others.

Are Basketball Shoes Under $100 Good Choice ?

If, you are on limited budget and newbie player and you are still learning, there is a lot ahead of you to grow in the professional basketball, so you maybe need budget shoes, because you are limited. That’s why, we have picked best shoes with the greatest features for affordable price.

Usually basketball shoes last around 100 hours, so as a professional player, you may need even more, that’s why it’s not good idea to buy the most expensive ones always. That’s in their case.

But even in your case, if you are regularly doing practicing, you just need a few other pair of sneakers with you and you will be fine.

Cheap Vs Expensive Basketball Shoes ?

In this article so far, we covered affordable shoes, which for some people mean cheap, but that’s not the case, there are many great shoes for under $100, like we proved it already.

It’s more likely the expensive shoes to be better than the cheaper ones, but not always.

I hope this has helped you to decide for you how to spent your hard earned money in order to get the best out of your $100 bucks.

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