10 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Being with flat feet is not a curse, neither, it’s something that can stop you from becoming a great basketball player, as there are some NBA players with flat feet like the legendary Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and many others.

This hasn’t stopped them from becoming the best versions in their sports and one of the most popular players out there. Also, it doesn’t have to stop you too.

It just sometimes happens due to different reasons, it might be your genetics, obesity, aging, injuries and other factors, but these are the main ones that usually contribute for having flat feet or having one of the foot flat, but it’s more rarely.

Anyway, if you have that and you are disappointed by it, you don’t have to be, because we are gonna review some of the best basketball shoes, that are specifically made for players with flat feet.

Of course there are many other options for basketball shoes out there, but these 10 pair of shoes, we will look at are for specific group of people and they offer many other features that help you.

So, if you are one of these people, below you will see all of the shoes, we have listed for you to make a informed decision about your suitable pair of them, keeping in mind that a lot of people are flat footed.

These specialized shoes below are for people with flat feet like myself, as mine are also flat. As a jumper myself, I’ve felt my feet often times flat, until I found about that I have it too.

For basketball, it’s not a big deal, but if you are flat-footed, you can’t join the army for example, for basketball this doesn’t stop you and below you are gonna see the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

Below are

Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Adidas Harden 6

The first shoes on the list are the Adidas harden 6, as they are a great choice for flat footer, they have great support for the arch. Your shoes can be also flat, but it’s good, for theses with flat problem to have higher soles.

There is a good uphill in between the top and bottom half of the herringbone pattern, that helps for more boost, which makes them very comfortable and full length.

These shoes are great option, they are wide and also with other great advantages.

Made with recycled content made from production & post-consumer household waste in order to avoid large environmental impact. the things used for making the upper are made with a at least 50% recycled content


  • Rubber sole
  • Made to be light weight and flexible.
  • Mesh upper for your feet to breathe & light weight.
  • The amazing energy return of adidas BOOST is made by merging together energy capsules, providing you power to have your feet moving
  • HIGH TRACTION: The rubber outsole gives amazing grip
  • Built with recycled content :


  • Not for outdoor usage.

Nike PG 6

The second shoes on the list are the nike pg 6 shoes as the cushioning is a major upgrade from the pg5.

Now it has amazing balance and technology and feel the exact opposite, compared to the previous ones.

A lot of elevation and bounciness in the shoes like the nike gt or lebron 19, which can cause discomfort for your feet and you can start getting tired more easily.

With the previous pg5 version, there are even cases of soreness, but these pg6 are made in a lot better way for flat feet and comfort & minimal braking time.


  • Rubber sole
  • Nike PG 6 Men’s Basketball Shoe
  • Color: Opti Yellow/Metallic Silver
  • Men to Women Sizing 8.5M 10W
  • Limited What The Edition, which is a collaboration sneaker of all Nike Paul George Basketball Shoes.
  • Affordable Price


  • Not suitable for outdoor usage.

New Balance Kawhi 1 Mens Shoes

The next are kawhi shoes, which are also great for flat footers, they provide comfort, the coloro is great in my opinion.

The more I’ve played with them, I don’t feel as tired as with other shoes, I’ve tried in t he past.

There is also Kawhi 2 version with newer technology, but I personally like the first one more.

For people that don’t have high arch, you should really focus on stability, as they are fantastic option for that, also the price is affordable.

Rubber sole, they are offered for men only.


  • Very supportive
  • Durable outsole


  • A little bit heavy.

Under Armour UA Curry 8 NM Team Basketball Shoes

Some others that deserve to be mentioned are curry 9, which are also good for flat feet with amazing smoothness & transition, the only thing that may cut some people off is the way they look, according to some, they look a little bit weird, but in general great shoes for good price.


  • Rubber sole
  • Your feet can breathe easily through them, lightweight.
  • Synthetic overlays for strategic support
  • Internal fit structure with amazing layers, especially for lateral containment.
  • Bootie construction provides a socklike fit & feel with a high-stretch collar for easy entry New UA Flow cushioning technology is super-light, bouncy and gives you good grip.


  • Weird sizing

Adidas Own The Game

These are not really popular among NBA players.

The Adidas Own The game has very regular looking appearance, but they are very comfortable, as they are affordable & high quality.

Once, you have them, you will be sure that they will support you for a long time, because they offer very good durability & also deserve to be part of the best basketball shoes for flat feet in our list.

The material is very good & other great feature is the ortholite lining, which helps your foot from getting sweaty, at the same time providing isolation.

It has cloudfloam in t he midsole as well as the footbed parts. These shoes are made to last long time, because of its construction, but it has a little downside to that & it’s the less flexibility.


  • Made in the USA.
  • Comfortable
  • Synthetic sole
  • BREATHABLE UPPER: Dual-material mesh upper provides comfort to breathe.
  • Dynamic Cushioning: LIGHTMOTION cushioning for improved dynamic movements.
  • ADIWEAR OUTSOLE gives high wear durability.


  • Regular looking.

Adidas D.O.N Issue 2

These adidas pair of shoes offer really wide space, especially for flat footers, especially for these people with narrow hooves.

I would say these one are from the options for flat feet, because the quality is really high. They are very lightweight and offer great support.

It fits amazingly for most players, because it allows you to be flexible without being clunky. They are also at a good price for the features and these good looking shoes.


  • Rubber sole
  • Reliable brand with long history related with sport.
  • Made with innovation & also some athletes have played with those pair of shoes.


  • A little bit higher sole.

Nike Zoom Freak 3

If you know who is Giannis Antetokounampo , he is related with the third MVP award, one of the signature sneakers keep its rise in th e rankings for amazing basketball shoes.

Only by loooking at them, I really like the design & how well they are made. It has great cushioning

Not only the cushioning is amazing, but the heel counter is to the back part of your foot, at the same time, the forefoot is isolated by the zoom air pods.

According to some people in the industry, the technology is outdated, but its still very effective.

Those Nike Zoom Freak 3 also got midsole, which curves the middle of the foot, for giving you an arch, which you don’t actually have from your foot, but it’s there from the shoes and it’s beneficial for flat footed player.

The sneakers also have strap, which people have wondering about its value as some players like the support from it & like it.


  • Enhanced fit feels comfortable on foot
  • Lateral containment is awesome.


  • Cushion takes time to get used to

Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV

THe LeBron Witness IV are great shoes & nike has always been on top in terms of quality for the price. By the way, if you want only these brand, you can see nike basketball shoes

Lets get back to these shoe, which offer outstanding fit, ample cushioning & support for you foot.

Not only that, but also plus class-leading traction. It also have got amazing heel counter and padded heel collar to give a tight & comfortable experience.

This shoe is very stylish thanks to its amazing design, really colorful, if you like more colors.

Furthermore, they provide great features like multiple decent technologies from Nike, like the Zoom Air units below the forefoot.

The lightweight unites give great support for the balls of your feet, when you are running & phase of playing


  • Ample ankle as well as forefoot cushioning
  • Snugly fit & excellent fit
  • Shockwave pattern laid on the rubber outsole to be safe from slippage
  • It is available in multiple colors to fit your needs.


  • Relatively narrow, so if you you are with wide feet, it can be a small problem to find the right size.

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI

Those Nikes also deserve to be in the list, which fills many boxes for players that are looking for good basketball shoes.

Cushioned footbed & midsole made from lightweight phylon foam & Tri-vis-Air-Sole, which provide very good cushioning & shock absorption.

The padded heel collar & lase-up closure makes sure that your ankles are supported. It has a pivot point on the forefoot for better control while doing the turns and spins.

You receive good foot & ankle support. The upper side is made of synthetic & mesh material, also it has perforations for air to circulate.

The shoes has breathable mesh lining, textured rubber sole with herringbone pattern, these shores are very well made for stability and flexibility.

This is what it will help you to get the to the basket & be balanced, also maintain defensive position.

In my opinion, this particular shoe is comfortable to be worn, not only for people with flat feet, but also regular people, they are good for that too.


  • Excellent support for the feet and ankles
  • Breathable upper and lining
  • Good traction as well as stability


  • If you don’t like the black color, because it’s mainly that one.

Nike Kyrie Flytrap IV

These are great flat feet sneakers & they are amazing for their versatile appearance. That’s no surprise, because these shoes were designed for wide variety of people too.

The upper part has stable brand mixed with one of a kind lacing system.

Additionally, the Kyrie Flytrap IV’s sole has rectangular Zoom Air portion on the black half.

That’s the same technology that is used in the LeBron Witness IV as they offer amazing support of balls of the foot, when you are you are running.

The addition of Zoom Air to th e sole of the basketball shoes makes it very lightweight.


  • Versatile for variety of users.
  • Lightweight for prolonged sporting
  • Comfortable, if you are with wide flat feet


  • It doesn’t have impact protection

Which Basketball Shoes Should You Get, If You are With Flat Feet ?

We made a summarization about the shoes for flat feet and I honestly think some of them are of the best shoes, some of them are high tech shoes and elevate your arch, which helps.

If it’s a lot, it gets a little bit uncomfortable, so regarding the shoes, in my opinion for having flat feet, these are from the best ones, according to other people I know too.

You can share in the comments what is your view, about shoes that you can recommend down below in the comments.

theses ones also deserve part of the best shoes for flat feet in our opinion and experience.

I decided to list all of these best basketball shoes, in case you are with flat feet, because it might be a problem for some people. It’s proven that we as people are born with flat feet without the actual arch and it’s being built through the years by walking and workouts, usually.

But it happens that around 20-30% of the population for some reason, some of it genetic, more weight or other remain with flat feet, which can be uncomfortable for some people to find their right pair of basketball shoes. Furthermore, if you are a player with such problem, they more often than the other players face injuries because of t he overpronation by not having the right arch in the foot.

That’s why, it’s important to get your right shoes, so you can play and feel as much comfortable as possible and also jump higher with these basketball shoes Having the support is very important in your feet or foot, if only one is affected, so picking the right pair of shoes is important a lot.

A huge percentage of the population is flat footed and this doesn’t have to stop you for getting your accurate footwear footwear to be on your full potential as a basketball player. Often times, people with flat feet buy orthotics too, so you maybe already are getting them, but here we are focusing on the other part.

I would say that the list of best basketball shoes for flat feet, we’ve listed inside the article are at affordable price enough and they are really reliable shoes for the actual price.

We hope that this article has helped you for your decision of which shoes, you should get for your situation and you can also share it with other friends or a family member, that is a flat footed jumper, to help him out with the choice.

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