Top 15 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Having wide variety of basketball shoes to choose from allows you to pick your pair of shoes according to your needs.

The thing is, everyone is looking for certain requirements, when it comes to what he wants as there are different needs and wants as we’ve covered, for example, if you are with flat , wide or budget shoes.

This entirely depends on you, but inside this article, we are gonna look at some of the top best basketball shoes for ankle support in order to feel more comfortable and most important to be safer from injuries, because that’s something a lot of athletes are looking for in the shoes, they are looking for.

Below, you can see all of them, which are from the top best basketball shoes for ankle support according to reviews, opinions from people that have worn them. The credentials are very important, because they say a lot about a product & if most of the people are satisfied it means the product is good in general.

We are saying that, because ankle sprains are really often happening in basketball, according to statistics, some popular players, who are professional experience them often, which can be really crucial and even end up someone’s career.

Even though its hard to predict what will happen, that’s why it’s from a big importance to make the risk minimum to have ankle injuries and general injuries. That’s why this article will be focused on this and there will be a list of pair of shoes that will help you for that.

It’s also important for the best basketball shoes for ankle support to cover other features like being more stable, feeling flexible and provide additional things. You may have preferences for the design and other things as well, ankle braces is also an alternative for having security.

In some cases, injuries occur and it’s important to take a break to recover from the injury, whatever it is & this shouldn’t stop you form playing, because every great player had one and it’s normal.

This is why in my opinion is good to make sure which pair of shoes, you will choose and to look like an investment in them, because they are essential, to pick shoes with positive reviews. By getting a lot of experience on the court, you will have the knowledge and we have picked the greatest shoes for this purpose according to many sources.

So, below, you will see what you have been looking for.

Top 15 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Joomra Men’s Stylish Sneakers High Top Athletic-Inspired Shoes

These would be the first shoes we would look at as they are from Joomra, not that well known, but these are from the top selling shoes among athletes and they provide great ankle support

Not only that, but also high quality synthetic leather. Also they are offered with discount very often, they give you the stability & many other things, that are important for you as a player.

They are that high on the ankle side for a reason to protect it & the design of the shoes is great, they are awesome for other activities too, so you can prevent injuries in outdoor and indoor situations.

They might look like a regular pair of shoes, but they are very comfortable with roll-cage on the upper for just more support with high top shoes style and related with the ankle nearly, which gives you more performance, when you feet are wrapped.


  • Rubber sole.
  • High quality synthetic leather upper.
  • The shoes are high top style, attached to the ankle near for improving your performance by wrapping the shoes better.
  • Multiple colors: Red, Black, White and few others.
  • Rubber outsole with unique visual appearance with comfortable and made to be worn with comfort.
  • The shoes provide you amazing design, which is really nice with handcrafted feel of leather on the toe and heel. With leather overlays, as the lacing system is made to provide you with additional stability. The long tongue gives you more safety and to be more energized.
  • Different sizes offered
  • Reliable quality for reasonable price.


Socviis Men’s Fashion Sneaker 

The second shoes, we are gonna take a look at are from Socviis, they are also very good according to many sources for protecting your ankles, providing support and taking your game to the next level. They use unique mix of materials & next level technologies which improve your performance & make sure to provide you maximum comfort.

The upper is mesh and very lightweight & gives your feet the ability to breathe, as they also fit perfectly giving you security, which keep you on the floor to be with confidence & not sweating your shoes. The synthetic material is good, because it is around your foot very well & giving comfort to your shoes, making sure you have maximum stability.

Not only that, but also they h ave unique feature, Air unit under the heel, which gives you very good support, absorption and softness to feel your feet very well & being able to move flexible around the court easily. The shoes are very reliable & help you to be focused and play at the maximum even in more dynamic games.


  • Mesh Parts. The mesh is extremely lightweight, giving you the ability to breathe & be around your foot in very good way to feel stable. Synthetic material wrapping inside your foot to the top for security.
  • Rubber sole
  • Innovative cushioning & reliable. As mentioned Air unit under the heel for more support & shock absorption.
  • Protective & liner with comfort, soft padding to give you more comfort & protection for your ankle.
  • Support. The overlay wraps around the shoe almost every part for more support. Molded plastic with lines starting from outer toe around the heel to inner arch for more lightweight support.
  • Affordable Price


ASHION Mens Basketball Shoes

The third pair of shoes, we are gonna take a look at these fashionable and breathable sneakers, that not only will support your ankles, but also make you less prone to slip with arch support.

They are very good, if you run a lot, they are breathable, made microfiber upper and skin friendly lining, they are likely to improve the internal air circulation.

You will be able to have your foot dry and cool, which is important. They are very good to wrap your feet & be stable, when you move. They have lightweight microfiber upper and molded heel shield, that makes them with good structure.

You will be locked inside these shoes in a way, so your ankle is safe from injuries & having great support. Also not only your ankle, but they also give you good arch support & ability to fit majority of the foot shapes.

Soft sole & shock absorbing shoes, these men basketball shoes have a rubber shock absorbing sole, which gives you strong grip and capability to control, when you play basketball outdoors. On the court, they give very comfort environment and safety for you feet.

The shoes are great for any case, they are combination of fashion, which are good for variety of activities, on top of that, they are offered at a great price.


  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable & fashionable shoes.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Stability & great wrap.
  • Good arch support.
  • Soft sole & shock absorbing.
  • Perfect for all kind of activities.


WELRUNG Unisex’s Ankle Support Breathable Basketball Shoes

As mentioned earlier, the shoes inside this list will be all focused on supporting your ankle, these one are great for that, but also for running outdoor & also make you safe from slipping, which is really important, because you need to protect your body most importantly.

They are also unisex with unique logo & variety of designs, one of a kind mesh and breathable on top of everything, great for both indoor and outdoor sports. You can make a gift to someone or buy them for some of your family members.

As, you can see from the image, they provide high top ankle support with made rubber, outsole, good grip and they are anti slip.

The vent holes gift good ability to breathe & avoid sweat, making your foot dry and being comfortable in them. You can wear them during workout, they are well wrapped around your feet. You can run smoothly inside of them without falling off.

They are also offered in different colors, from black, blue, green, gold. The mid top form arch provides you flexibility in different aspects.

That way, you are able to run, do multisport exercises and play both indoor and outdoor, climbing, walking, traveling etc.


  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Variety of designs.
  • High Top Ankle Support.
  • Good breathability the from the vent holes.
  • Vent Holes Offers GOOD Breathability and many other thing.
  • Suitable for different sports like tennis, basketball and others. They are very comfortable with the textile lining dry, because the shoes make your foot able to breathe.


Under Armour Men’s Embiid 1 Basketball Shoe

If you want a solid pair, the Embiid 1 is a great choice, this model is specialized in providing stability and making all of the features useful in order also to protect your foot, there is a great lockdown, TPU wing and amazing EVA sockliner.

Everything in this model is made to give you additional power, also construction, which is really important for what you are looking for, the ankle support, there is softness in the forefoot and heel as well as giving you the potentially be as flexible as possible & they are really lightweight, which is also important not to have your feet tired fast.

They might look like big shoes, that weight a lot but no, they will give you a lot of power. Maybe for the people who want more low profile sneakers will want something else more likely, but there is plenty of choice inside so far from all of the pairs.


  • Rubber sole
  • They are lightweight with textile upper and open hole mesh for additional ability to breathe.
  • TPU wing that is important that gives amazing midfoot lockdown and improved lateral stability
  • Designed construction for more ankle support.
  • EVA sockliner gives underfoot softness & support.
  • Rubber outsole with one of a kind traction pattern for lateral movements and the most grip.


  • Price above $100, which if you are looking for budget, they are not for you, but there are many others in the list that cover this criteria. Actually most of them.

PEAK Mens Basketball Shoes

The Peak shoes are the next shoes, that we are gonna take look at. They are awesome, because they not only look great, but they are also breathable and anti slip, suitable for a lot of sports, also walking and running.

They also have EVA(Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) sole as well as many other features that make them really high quality and high performing shoes. These men shoes provide great balance of support, overall, comfort & flexibility to increase your performance, when you are playing to be better and they are perfect for athletes at any sport.

They are soft & breathable made form great material mixed with soft & breathable sock liner that ensures you will be comfortable doing the activities you do with underfoot softness. Perforated leather and knit fabric gives good ventilation to make you less prone to sweat.

They are anti slip and really provide you great amount of durability, especially t he rubber outsole, which is really important, especially when it comes to basketball shoes to give you more cushioning. They give very good base for really good fit, when you are on the court, ground & the places, you wanna play.

They are stylish and have great design, different color, if you choose them for dynamic exercise or inside the game, they are suitable for most cases. The STA anti-rollover part on the forefoot will decrease the chance of slipping

These pair of shoes have a lot of satisfied customers, as we have sourced the most positive reviewed shoes, so you can get the maximum results for not really expensive shoes, because sometimes cheaper shoes are better than the more expensive ones.


  • A lot of positive revies.
  • Affordable Price
  • Multiple Colors
  • Stylish shoes
  • Durable & Anti Slip
  • Soft & Ability to breathe
  • Eva Sole


Nike Mens Zoom Freak 1 Basketball Shoes

Finally, we are gonna take a look at a popular brand shoes, the Nike Zoom Freak 1 are the NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo’s signature shoes.

The upper part of them is made from lightweight textile, which allows your foot to breathe freely.

The solid material in the upper improves the general support of the foot. The ankle side is supported from padded collar that provides security and comfort. They also come with internal forefoot system, that hugs your foot to fit perfectly. This will help you even more to move quickly and perform your jumps.

The midsole is also very well made, they are designed from resilient foam, which have soft natural feeling. The dual Zoom Air Unit under the heel gives additional softness that decreases the impact and stress of your foot and ankle, while you are training on you are on not that comfortable ground for some reason.

There are also intricate patterns on the outsoles, which give multidirectional traction and grip. There is good amount of rubber pattern that touch the surface area, which provides you stability and strong grip, when you are on the floor. You will feel your foot very solid inside this pair of shoes.

Outsoles are with inscriptions. There is rubber clip, which extends from the outsole up to the sides of the foot for more lateral support.

The outsoles have inscriptions that pay homage to Giannis’ roots. There is a rubber clip that spreads from the outsole up to the sides of the foot for additional lateral support. In general, they are good pair of nike shoes that provide ankle support, you can also take ankle braces, if you need even more support.


  • Padded collar towards having more ankle support
  • Spreadable rubber clip for additional lateral stability.
  • Dual Zoom Air unites for more softness.
  • Intricate outsole pattern for good traction as well as grip
  • Affordable Price
  • Great Apperance


WELRUNG Unisex High Top Lightweight ankle support shoes

These shoes are the next, that are on the list, because they deserve, they offer a whole combination of what you are looking, from performance, comfort, style and many other things.

The design is made really high quality, making sure you will get maximum results as an athlete. On top of everything, they are unisex & they also are high top to protect your ankles. They are with rubber sole, which provides good traction on any ground, so you will be sure that, your feet are well secured while doing your activities.

The vamp is made by getting breathable mesh and net fabric, combined with breathable liner, which makes sure your feet will be cool and dry, while doing exercises & games.

The shoes have rubber outsole with durability, which provides good shock absorption, which is important to keep your joints and ankles not tired. With the high top design, shoes give more support and balance, protecting your ankles, while moving quickly & getting the most results possible.

Not only that, they offer a lot more than that, they are practical and fashionable. They are good for both sports and also outdoors activities, really lightweight. They are comfortable and flexible enough.

It doesn’t matter, if you are jumping, walking, playing football or other sport, the shoes are really good fit for any of these sports and activities, if you want stylish and high quality shoes. They look really modern and provide great comfort.


  • Good Price
  • Rubber sole
  • Mesh,Net fabric,breathable liner.
  • Rubber outsole,Durable & non-slip, Shock Absorption
  • Fashionable style,shock absorption, they are lightweight and flexible providing comfort.
  • High top to cover & keep your ankles safe, more support and comfort for your feet.
  • Perfect for any case from walking, running, basketball, tennis and others.


AND1 Pulse 2.0 Men’s Basketball Shoes

The next shoes are from AND1, you may have heard about them, maybe not, they are not as popular as Nike & Addias, but they also provide high quality shoes.

The And1 Pulse 2.0 version provides good fit, feeling and lock-down. They are great hybrid to use them for outdoor and indoor cases. Also they are high performances with tons of positive reviews, lightweight & mostly important for what you are looking for, ankle support.

Apart from being high performing shoes, they are lightweight, the air mesh tongue makes environment for your shoes to breathe, at the same time the molded rear quarter also provides support.

They are also with good traction, complete length rubber outsole maximizing skid resistance and grip. Metal speed laces and rear pull loop making them easy to be taken off and on.

Providing great durability, so you can wear them everyday, the synthetic leather upper and injection molded phylon midsole make these shoes to last really long.

The AND1 basketball shoes brand ins there since 1993 and they have legendary history, even though, they are not that popular like other brands. Among the basketball culture, they are popular.


  • Lightweight Shoes
  • Ankle Support
  • Great Price
  • Exist since 1993.
  • Perfect traction.


Nike Mens KD Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoes

These NIKE shoes are with rubber sole as well, provide really great ankle support, if not the most from all the basketball shoes, we have taken a look at so far.

With mid high collar is placed with foam to give comfort and support the places around your ankle too. When, you are playing on the court or training, you have rubber outsole with wave tread pattern to have durable multi place traction for stopping quickly and start.

The logo of KD is on the rubber. With all the amazing features and mostly design, they look really unique unlike a lot of other shoes on t he market, they are padded and provide you great breathable ability with tongue along with raw edge detail.


  • Proven Brand
  • Stylish & Dynamic Design
  • Suitable for supporting your ankle
  • Shipped to most countries.


Nike Men’s Kd Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoes

They are with synthetic rubber sole, the mid-top design is with perforated foam that helps you feel locked around the ankle especially to provide security.

Padded & the tongue is breathable and it is topped with raw edge details. Textile material with two layer in the forefoot, having clear yarns and gives a dynamic and cool apperance.

Dual density midsole that is soft and reliable. Nike Renew foam with unique dimpled texture covered with firmer foam to provide stability. Rubber outsole with tread pattern giving durability traction, so the athlete can be more flexible and stop and start faster.


  • Rubber outsole
  • High Quality Brand
  • Good Appearance
  • A lot of positive reviews


PEAK Mens Flash Basketball Shoes

These are from the best looking in my opinion, they are non slip, suitable for variety of sports, walking, running etc.

The sole is rubber, providing amazing softness and breathable material combined with adaptive EVA midsole, giving additional underfoot softness & support.

The next level midsole is to the next level, you will be able to have shock absorption and the shoes adapt to you. There is double TPU support device with big 3d TPU anti torsion for having arch support, which helps the forefoot & rearfoot to move & adapt to surfaces without tension on your foot.

The TPU sits is high performing on t he side wall and heel to have stability, when getting on the ground. On top of all the things, they also provide ankle support & they give you great combination of different important things in place like being more comfortable and flexible and improving your performance on the court to win the games easier.

They are made for athletes & beginners as well as everyone who wants to start playing and feel that comfortable to keep playing, because they are also anti slip & wear resistance.

There is durable complete rubber outsole in place mixed with polar and herringbone pattern to have stylish basketball shoes fo giving more soft feeling and stability to play on the court.

Also the collage upper leather gives good support & breathable performance while t he padded interior helps you have a good lockdown for you foot.


  • Satisfied Customers.
  • Anti Slip & Wear Resistant.
  • Double TPU Support Device.
  • Great Cushioning,


CJSPORX Mens Basketball Shoes

We haven’t posted shoes from this brand inside, but CJSPORX are another great men basketball shoes, which are also high on the ankle side.

They usually recommend getting one size bigger, than yours, the outsole of the shoes is great with durable slip preventing texture to max the grip maximum and smooth on the flexible sole to be comfortable inside of them.

They are really comfortable with amazing design and soft back collar to make you safe from heel injury & they add comfort.

They can be a really great gift for you, or of you are a women reading, they are awesome for a gift of your boyfriend or a male friend, family member. Perfect fit for different activities from sports, outdoor and indoor.


  • Great appearance.
  • Non slippable
  • Affordable Price
  • Rubber sole


AND1 Take Off 3.0 Men’s Basketball Shoes

We are gonna take a look at second pair of shoes from AND1, they are good for both indoor and outdoor occasions, no matter, if you are on the street or the court.

Like almost every shoes, we have talked about so far, rubber sole, they are mid top basketball shoes for men. They will provide great support for your ankle & make you able to dominate the game, the great look of them is also inspiring.

Lightweight as they should be, mix of synthetic & knit textile upper that makes breathability, at the same time the molded rear quarter adds additional support.

Next level traction, complete rubber outsole as well as multi part herringbone as it makes the resistance more and the grip. The level of durability allows you to wear them every day. The tongue construction and Phylon EVA midsole, which makes them very last longing.

We already mentioned about the brand’s history, because you might be skeptical, but they have been around since 1993.


  • Suitable for different activities.
  • Durable shoes.
  • High performing shoes.
  • Lightweight.
  • Reasonable Price.


Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV Basketball Shoes

The last shoes, we are gonna take a look at from Nike, the design might seem a little bit weird,

They are high, which will help your ankles to be secure, also they are breathable, comfortable, rubber and high sole.

You can learn more about them, clicking below.


  • Variety of sizes.
  • Variety of designs
  • Different colors
  • Rubber sole


So far, you can choose from the list above, as you can see it’s very long , but not only that, as well as other great features, that will help for your performance.

Why It Is Good To Have Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support?

Getting an ankle problem is a big problem & you might have experienced it and I wish you never experience it again, but it happens, because it’s from the most common. Now you need a lot more skills, but having an ankle problem will take time for you to recover.A lot of players neglect the importance of picking and right shoes for this purpose.

Another thing is that, you need to be careful, when you are playing, if you have kids for example like me, they have already experienced variety of injuries and we as we grow, because most people have experienced, we get used to them, so in most cases the ankle injury will not be something critical, but you need to be careful, because there is always a chance.

As we at the beginning mentioned, there are many shoes to pick from & we have collected from the best for ankle support in order for you to be able to play on your full potential and decrease the chance to turn your ankle, that’s why it’s good to have them.

I don’t say the other features should be ignored, but inside this list, the main focus are the shoes for specific purpose, not that not every player is not looking for that, but some ignore the importance of avoiding injuries, from the brands, we have listed Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, Puma and others, there are all proven brands and provide great qualities in other aspects too.

The market is full of choice, that’s just our list we have compiled through proven sources, which we think are good fit for your case & I hope so.

Can Basketball Shoes Support Your Ankle ?

If, you are still wondering whether they can, I think so far, you can agree, because almost every pair of shoes fix some kind of problem, like it is in this particular case, helping your ankles, others help for being more explosive, some are suitable, if you hare flat feet, wide etc.

Here, we haven’t talked about a price, but if this is your criteria, you can pick the ones, that fit your budget.

What Do NBA Players Use To Support Their Ankles ?

We haven’t mentioned about that, but not only shoes, mainly they, but also other things can help, if you have ankle problems or you want more support for them, which we are gonna discuss a little bit.

Of course there are also other ways to protect your ankles or one of them and a way for doing that are Ankle braces, they can really help you to be safer from injuries as well as to make you better and these are only advantages.

You would need the right package to be successful, when you are playing in order to be on your full potential, also switching shoes with others often help and other small tricks, but we talked about ankle braces as there are many of them, here we covered about the basketball shoes that are made for supporting your ankles.

Final Verdict

I hope so far, you have picked your best basketball shoes for ankle support, fitting your needs, because it’s really important to avoid injuries, because recovering can take long time and you can miss reaching your potential and opportunities.

Don’t forget to choose according to other requirements, unless the one you are only looking after is the support for your ankles, because some athletes look for others and have hard time finding the right shoes for them.

I hope this article have helped you to form an informed decision about choosing your shoes in order to be satisfied.

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