Average Vertical Jump

When, it comes to sports, especially basketball, there is a skill that is well known by most people and it is a big factor, when it comes how you perform.

SO, if you are reading this, you are most likely interested what is the averag vertical jump and that’s what we are gonna reveal in different circumstances.

Read out throughout the whole article to know in details, because there are some peole who claim that it’s a certain number, when actually, it’s a different, so here you will find accurate information..

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How To Measure Vertical Jump?

Usually, there are multiple methods used to do it, depending on many factors.

But in most cases, these are they:

In order to get your standing reach stats, you need to

  1. Be straight as much as possible and with feet flat on the ground
  2. Reach the highest possible with your hands on the wall.
  3. Make sure you mark it with something.

If, you are tall, you may assume that you have long legs and arms, which is true in many case, but not always. it’s for sure that, if you have longer than the other athletes, you are more likely to dunk.

Significant number of NBA players are with reach to height ratio, that is around 135% of the standing height, they got.

Measure your vertical jump:

  1. Mark the fingers with something that can be seen on the wall.
  2. Jump then touch the wall, when you feel the highest point of your jum.

After that, you just have to estimate the space that is between your standing reach and your jum and you got your vertical.

Average Vertical Jump For Gender

It can’t be denied that, there are differences between then and therefore, due to this reasons the stats for both of them will be different. Even, if we are from the same gender, things always vary.

You will see a table below, that shows, usually, the vertical jump for men is from 16 to 23. It is estimated to be average and for women, it is from 12 to 19 inches.

I am not gonna write all of them, as you can see below all, you need to know related to this.

RatingMales (cm)Males (in)Females (cm)Females (in)
Very good61–7024-2851–6020-24
Above average51-6020-2341-5016-19
Below average31-4012-1521-308-11
Very poor<21<8<11<4

Refference : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vertical_jump

Average Vertical Jump By Age

Another bigger factor is the age. It’s well known that a lot of people start playing at really young age and when puberty comes, your body starts to change a lot, physically, things like, you will get bigger, which is a huge advantage, furthermore, if you train, you start training your muscles, which is really important.

Additionally, you can add some more inches to what it is determind genetically, that will contribute you jump higher.

There are quite a lot of studies, but the peak of your highest vertical would be between 20 and 30, although, it can in most case increased.

One of the main important thing still remains and it is to work as hard as you can to jump the right way and train and you will have success to increase it overtime.

But the teen ages are very important, because if you have started earlier to start your muscles it will be better.

Overtime, you will start to produce higher jump, even if you are over 30 years old.

Lets dive into some statistics related to the age and the average vertical jump.

AgeAverage Vertical
18 to 20 Years Old19.5 Inches
20 to 29 Years Old20 Inches
30 to 39 Years Old17 Inches
40 to 49 Years Old14 Inches
50 to 59 Years Old11 Inches

When, you take a look at it above, as mentiond the moment to reach your maximum is between 21 and 29, whic is obvious, because there are people who grew taller at 21. if, you are younger than 21, you can still grow up, actually I grew up with 2 more inches at 20. you don’t need to be dissapointed, because it can be achieved.

Average Vertical Jump for High School Athletes

guy jumping on the rim

Now, if you are between 9 and 18, you still have a lot of room to grow.

These are the ages, when you will have a lot of changes and even, if you don’t see a lot of progess, to will. will overtime

When, you are starting out, you may don’t have a vertical like on the table below, it’s completley normal and when time goes on, you will start to have progress.

There are some statistics below, you can see.

10 Years Old10.9 Inches
11 Years Old12.1 Inches
12 Years Old13.3 Inches
13 Years Old14.5 Inches
14 Years Old15.7 Inches
15 Years Old17 Inches
16 Years Old18.2 Inches
17 Years Old19.5 Inches

Keep in mind that, these are estimated and may vary to person. And they are taken from people that already. You might even get better results, it depends on a lot of things.

Starting at younger age is always an advantage, but if you are older, you don’t need to be depressed, because there are a lot of athletes who have started later..

How Do Professionals Perform ?

When we went over the average vertical by ages, gendrs etc, it’s time to see how the big boys perform.

It’s more than obvious that, they would have a lot highr ones and in basketball, it’s really important.

What Is The Average Vertical Jump In NBA ?

Usually in NBA, two things ar estimated.

But, firstly, the average vertical jump for NBA is estimated to be at 29 inches. For them is normal, because they are professionals, while for you itmight be rally high.

If, you break down at how they proceed to tak this measur, these are.

  • Standing Vertical – They take this position without mking any steps, they have to jump from one position and the average for this is 35 inches.
  • Max Vertical – The maximum, here you can take more steps to achieve the maximum vertical. The highest ones here are around 44 inches.

What Is The Average Vertical Jump In NFL ?

In NBA, the results are a lot higher, usually.

Also, here they test only the standing vertical, in fact there are ros, which have achieved to have vertical highr than 40 . THey are stats on the web, that the average vertical jump in NFL is around 35 inches.

Volleyball & Football

For these 2 sports not many information can’t be found, furthermore in football, it is not that important,

If, we need to talk about some statistics, they are that, usually is around 35 inches as well. For voleyball, it is important to certain degree, but not as much as in basketball.


Now, when you are quite familiar with how things are and you are wondering, the way to get started and improve your skills as an athlete, I will tell you.

Even though, there are a lot of factors and results are different for anyone, you can always progress. There is no person, who is not able to improve.

The actual program, thath helped me to increase vertical jump by 10 inches

You can take a look at my review of it, when I stuck to it and worked hard, I managed to succeed.

So, it is mainly about being consistent and and picking the right product to become a better athlete and no complains, anybody can do it.

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