5 Exercises To Increase Your Vertical Jump

Your ability to dunk depends a lot, if you have a good vertical jump, the higher the better, so that you can become more skilled basketball player.

There are usually a lot of exercises, workouts & stratches, that will bring in positive results & amazing opportunities to your vertical leap, but we are gonna see some of the most effective and mostly used by all basketball players out there.

Exercises To Increase Your Vertical Jump

Increasing your vertical jump can be very challenging.

The best part about the exercises, we will see is that, you will not need any equipment, anything to buy or any of this stuff

Absolutely for free, you can have amazing exercises, which will help you for increasing your vertical jump in 2020.

You might not know, but an exercise for your core is also very important, so every exercise will add up to your vertical jump at the end and have positive impact.

Getting your vertical jump to the next level can take you a lot of time, especially, if you don’t know that exercises can be different and have different impact.

For increasing your vertical jump, you will need a certain set of workouts to have it improved in basketball.

You don’t need to do weights for this and you will discover exercises for inrceasing your vertical jump even, if you are at home, you can do them, therefore to be able to dunk.

5 exercises, that you can practire or add ro your workout to have improved vertical jump. A thing, that some basketball players might now know is that you don’t only need strong legs, but a strong core too.

The exercises, we are gonna review are gonna help your leg strenth and also your core, so if your purpose is to jump higher and be stronger, these stretches will be very beneficial for you.

increasing vertical jump

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Let’s take a look at the exercises

#1 Split Leg Lunge Jump

split leg lunge jump exercise for increasing vertical leap

Split Leg Lunge Jump is the first exercise, you may think of the split jump, but it is different, a lot of trainers actually teach the split jump, but this is another exercise, it is also good.

Split Leg Lunge Jump is different than it. You have to be a little bit more wide and get your hips a little bit more into it. You will not jump as high as, but you are gonna have to transfer a movement, which is a lot tougher to do and to stay stabilized and you need a strong core.

Also, you need strong legs and in general this exercise is great to increase your vertical leap. Especially, it is good before, you will do squates or deadlifts, it’s like plyometric.

All, you have to do is 3 to 5 of them most. You don’t have to do it like 100 times.

It’s short reps, but very explosive and this is the best thing and then you can keep going with your deadlift or squats.

So, once again, you have to be into a lunge and you should really feel the stretch in your hips and then switch. It takes some time to be stabilized what a lot of players hurry to jump back up, regroup and then use your arms to help you explode into the next and your arms are the key.

You have to use your arms to explode, like just exploding off the ground. Keep the arms tight and explode like you usually do fromt he ground, when jumping.

It should be something like this

#2 Core Drills/Exercises For Vertical Jump

As, we said, core exercises are very underrated by some players, but they are also very important, so let’s take look at the two drills that are gonna help you for your core.

If, you wonder how it’s gonna help you to jump higher, it will and it is very important. When you are in a take off the more speed you bring the higher you are gonna jump and therefore the higher vertical jump, so we can’t bring a lot of speed, if you are with a weak core.

In a case of a weak core, you will collapse, so you need a tight core and you need to contact your core and explode it to a vertical jump

And the right way is actually to train the core too for vertical jump and basketball, but also for other sports.

So, you need drills to contract your core and they are not sit ups crunches. Not that, you don’t need Six Packs, but this will help you to develop a good looking and also strong core and we are not talking about the generic crunches and sit ups and this stuff.

But, actually exercises, which are gonna contact the core and will help to increase your vertical jump at the end, when you also have a strong core.

The first exercise is the dead bug and it usually is pretty easy, actually it’s pretty easy concept, it might be a little bit difficult in the beginning to do it.

Once, you’ve got it will become easier. So starting with everything up on the ground, your knees and arms up and then, you will put one of your legs down and bring the opposite arm back up.

When, you are putting your leg your left leg down, you are bringing your right arm back up and bringing that up and you can already feel it.

Keep everything stabilized as possible. Do like 3 sets of 10 reps with every of the legs and you can also do holds, when you hold it and hold like 10 seconds on one side and 10 on the other side.

And remeber to breathe, while doing it. If it sounds a little bit confusing, you can watch the video below.

This is gonna be a little bit more difficult.

The other is the Wall Press Dead Bug. This time, you will not be moving your arms, just your legs. What you will have to do with your arms is to push them against the wall, like you are trying to push yourself down.

You are flexing you, you are cutting your shoulder blades to the ground, in order to stay stabilized and then, it’s just one leg down, one up and again you do like 3 sets of 10 like this.

As, we said many players forget that the core is your obliques and also your lower back, as it is not only about the strong ABS, but also having a strong core..

#3 Alternate Superman

alternate superman workout to improve vertical jump

Now, that’s not jus tthe Superman, but the alternate Superman, which is also gret to increase your jump. It has some similarity with the dead bug, where you also lift one up, one down. It works knd of the same, but not exactly.

SO, when you are lying on the floor, bring your your left leg up and your right arm up, everything again the opposite way.

But don’t rest on the floor, you want everything up off the ground, but when you bring for example your left leg up and your right arm up higher, then switch, but you are still keeping everything up, just your right arm up and left leg up, then the opposite, left arm up, right leg up and so on.

You are still contracting your whole core, this is the alternate superman and it will also help your lower back core and at the end increase your jump, so you can jump higher.

dead bug stretch for better vertical ability

#4 Drop Jump & Depth Jump

The depth jump & the drop jump are great exercises also to increase your ability to jump higher.

With the depth jump you are stepping down, waiting a little bit and jumping, while the drop jump, you do almost the same, but not waiting.

With the depth jump, when you step down, you are exploding and it is very powerful, going down waiting a little bit and exploding.

While the drop jump is quick and you are trying to get from the ground the fastest way possible and you are not getting as much power here and they are both very similar.

So, you can do them even without boxes or anything, you can do them on a chair or even going outside in the park and use a bench, anything that you have will work.

The purpose of the depth jump is to achieve maximum jump possible and you will be a little bit more on the ground.

With the drop jump, you should remain tall and stacked, its purpose, so you can be in taller position and you with minimal ground contact time.


drop jump exercise  for highest vertical jump
depth jump exercise to improve vertical jump

There are also a lot more stretches, that are suitable for improving your vertical leaps, but these 5 are very good.

A lot more drills and workouts would be great for your vertical abilities.

These exercsies can bring a lot of good results to your veritcal jump, but if you want to improve your vertical leaps even more, you can take a look at one of the best Vertical Jump Program, Vert Shock By Adam Folker

Inside, you will have a lot more workouts, stretches, video trainings, by the best dunker in the world & another professional basketball player and there is tons of stuff, trainings, drills, everything you need to improve your vertical ability to have higher leap without the need of special equipment.

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