3 Exercises To Jump Higher In Basketball

There are a lot of similarities to the vertical jump with jumpig and the method is very important and if you fix your technique, you will be able to improve your vertical jump very quickly.

Once, you have mastered to jump higher, then it will be easier to have higher vertical leap. It’s the same technique always, but you need to perfect it.

Once, you get it, you will have a lot more potential, today, I am gonna share with you 3 exercises than can help you to improve the whole process, so you can jump 5-10 inches higher.

And it is not a lie, because with the right technqiues a lot of people are able to jump higher and you will understand what exactly you need to implement to jump higher in the shortest amount of time.

We, already went through the right way to increase your vertical jump but now, what we will be going is more precisely how you can start jumping higher in basketball, because there is a little bit difference.

exercises for jumping higher in basketball

If, you are interested in the basketball or vertical program, that helped me to dunk at 5’8, jump higher and improved my vertical, you can see Vert Shock

For a guy my height, I didn’t believe it is possible to dunk, but there is a lot of stuff inside drills, exercises and tips to help you jump higher and improve the vertical jump.

I haven’t written an article about this topic for a while, but now it’s time.


This exercises is key thing, if you wanna jump higher and if you want to do so, you need to jump with dorsiflextion. It’s not that complicated. It has to do with your ankle position and the foot with toes.

When, your toes are up, that’s called dorsiflextion. If they are down it’s plantar flextion.

That’s a really important and powerful one. Many people tipetope, when they do the vertical jump, but it’s very weak and wrong.

You need to jump with dorsiflextion, because it’s a lot more explosive and effective. For sure, you will see improvement in your jumping abilities.

Start practicing it by walking with your toes up, start running and everytime you jump do it with dorsiflextion, because it gives your body a lot of force and ability to reach a lot higher.

When, most players apply this technique, they see results very fast and your jump can be increased by a lot after a while. In the beginning, you will feel a little bit weird, but as I mentioned just start walking in the beginning, run and then start with jumping.

The most important part of this exercises is to put your toes up. Also, if you have watched professional sprinters like Usain Bolt, they always with dorsiflextion and their does, don’t touch the ground, because it gives a lot ot force to run faster.

Most people run or jump with plantar flexion in the beginning, but you will not achieve much this way and it’s not the proper way in basketball, because dorsiflextion gives you lots of power to explose.

Not only, it will help you for your vertical jump, but also to run faster, so you need to master dorsiflextion and get to the point where you feel comfortable with it.

If you have some something to put in front of your toes and when they are up, you start pulling, you will start feeling the pressure in the muscle and in the front part of your lower leg. That’s kind of little resistance training.

You can also practise something called dorsihops now you now the way to jump with dorsiflextion, your toes should be up and start jumping form one position.

When, you get the hang of Dorsiflextion, you will instantly increase your vertical jump.

penultimate step in basketball

2. The penultimate step is the second to last step before the jump. A lot of coaches and athlets say that, that’s very importnat to lower the hips & center the mass prior to the plant and take off.

If you are a two foot jumper, your last two will my your left and right, so the higher the speed of penultimate the higher, you are gonna jump.

When, you are running the jump you try to do your horizontal speed vertical need to be as fast as possible every splt second from the ground will take away energy.

Your penultimate shouldn’t be slow, you need to be as quick as you can there are a few mini drills, that can help you to increase it.

If you are one foot jumper, when you go to the takoff, if you are jumping on your left foot for example, you want to get it down quickly and that’s the step before the jump, you want.

Extend it, that’s what a lot of players do. You want to be snap and this is a key thing. No matter, if youa re two foot jumper or one, you can implement it.

One way to increase your speed is a drill and you wanna start jumping and quickly sanp the steps the right way.

You can put cones and line them up, but snap them in really quick. Other things, youcan do is practicing running in the air. Landing snapping

Learn snapping all cones in right, that’s what will help you to increase your pentultimate step speed.

It’s gonna help you take all your horiziontal speed vertical, because every split second you lost on the ground will affect your vertical negatively.

Do it right in order to have good results. The last thing, you can do is to start slow and end very fast the jump in the last moment.

Lets get to the next exercise, that will also help you a lot with to improve your abilities.

3.Arm Swing

arm swing exercise

That’s an exercise with your arms, you have to perform before jumping in basketball. It powers up your vertical jump . Alot of basketball players don’t se their arms, when they jump.

You need to do something illustrated on the image above. You must be focused. The ball doesn’t weight a lot, but lots of players lose the arm swing, although you can still generate power from your arms.

If, you try without the ball it will be easier, but you need to practise it also with the. You need to power as much power you can through the ball.

When you just your arms should go up, gradually along with your jump to achieve more explosivness, therefore to jumping higher .

If, you start doing these three exercises, you will see improvement, but once, you have master it evne more.

If, you want to take your basketball game at the next level, you can check the vertical jump program, Vert Shock, which I mentioned earlier. It helped me personally to jump higher and be better.

There are also many other exercises, that we are gonna see in the future, but gradually start by practicing smaller amount of exercises, master them and when you see improvement start with other ones.

With consistency, you will not only achieve higher jumping abilities, but also be better player, because one of the major thing is jumping in basketball and it is really important.

jumping in basketball

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